missing cases

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    Multiple Imputation in SPSS: What to do and report

    Hi everyone :) I'm currently working on a research question where there are 2 categorical predictor variables (one with 2 levels between subjects, the other with 7 levels within subjects) and one continuous response variable. I want to conduct a simple repeated measures ANOVA in SPSS. The...
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    SPSS wont analyze all cases in sample despite no filter being applied

    Hey, I have a large number of cases (about 3000) in my data set as well as a bunch of variables. Now when I run analyses (e.g. descriptive stats) I always get results for only approx. 2500 of them (the results also always yield 2500 valid cases and 0 invalid cases). Even when I run a...
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    SPSS - N = 146, but only 111 cases recorded when run stats

    Hello: I assume it's an end user error causing this problem, but I don't know how I caused it. I entered my N of 146 separate cases into SPSS, but when I ran regression stats the resulting charts show an N of only 111 cases. Any thoughts on what I did wrong? Alan