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    Multiple Imputation Method - Including complex weights

    Hello, I was trying to perform a multiple imputation on missing data of my project. However, I was not able to find how to include complex weights into the analysis. I'm assuming that it would be added to the syntax. Sorry for the request but if it is so, would you be able to inform me what the...
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    Logistic regression using dummies with dependent "holes"

    Hi, I'm trying to do do a logistic regression using R. I want to regress using binary dependent variable Y as granted or not grated (1 or 0) using the model in the following way (just showing few covariates here): glm(Y ~ age + score + wage + employmenttype + co_person + co_score + ...
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    "Missing Value" and "Values": What is the connection?

    example: "Values": -1=IAP 998=DK 999=NA Then what are my missing values? Are they -1, 998, 999 or none of these? What is the connection between the "missing value" and "Values"? Would appreciate your help very much!!!
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    Syntax Raw Score and Missing Values

    Hi, I am trying to calculate the raw score of a 76 item, 4 point likert scale questionnaire. First, a subscore has to be calculated, for example, DATASET ACTIVATE DataSet1. COMPUTE NewVar=SS_49AT3 + SS_52AT3 + SS_56AT3 + SS_59AT3 + SS_63AT3. EXECUTE. However, from here I need to know...
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    Problem with creating a proper formula with missing values

    Hello! I have a problem with creating a proper formula for creating a sum score of 11 questions. (using SPSS 20.0) I use questions wich people can score a 0, 1, 2 and 3. This scale uses 11 questions. The formula i have to use to create this score is: (total score of 11 questions) / (3* the...
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    Missing Value Analysis, Little's test sig (so not MCAR), how to tell if MAR or MNAR?

    Hi Everyone, I have a 7 variable dataset with 500+ participants, and 5.5% of values are missing for a single variable (V7). I'm using SPSS. I have performed Little's test and the result is highly significant p<.001. So I will conclude that the data are not MCAR. Now I have run separate...
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    Help please with system missing values

    Hi, This is related to my previous post..I'm using IBM SPSS statistics 20 and I have been struggling to perform Games-Howell tests on some of my data. I have just realised that I am getting problems with the frequency for that data set too so the two must be related which is when I discovered...
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    Aggregate function: how to get N break excluding missing values?

    Hello, I am trying to aggregate data of a variable number of measurements per day. Because it is a setting in which multiple variables are measured and not all occur in each case, there are missing values. I need to know the number of measurements that is aggregated for each different...