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    Details on missing data in R

    Hello all, Say I have data as shown below. I want to generate a report in R like this: Missing 0 tests: 1 Missing 1 test: 2 Missing 2 tests: 2 Missing 3 tests: 1 I then want to generate a report that says the combination of missing values. For example, 1/3 of respondents who were...
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    Multiple Imputation Method - Including complex weights

    Hello, I was trying to perform a multiple imputation on missing data of my project. However, I was not able to find how to include complex weights into the analysis. I'm assuming that it would be added to the syntax. Sorry for the request but if it is so, would you be able to inform me what the...
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    For EFA, is there a syntax to compute factor scores when missing data?

    I know there is a way to compute a sum when data are missing (e.g., I have 8 variables I want to sum and I'm okay if 2 are missing so I would use sum.6(var1, var2, var3,...). Is there also a way to compute factor scores when I have missing data? Is there any reason why I should NOT compute a...
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    how to say if missing more than X?

    hi all, let's say i want to take the average of 5 scores for assignments [X1 X2 X3 X4 X5]. how do i dictate missing if 2 OR MORE scores are missing? so if any 2 or more are missing then it lists average as not available? thank you
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    [AMOS] Estimate Missing Values using FIML and export them to SPSS

    Hi! I have a dataset with 1000 cases und 100 variables. In 200 cases the last 20 variables are missing. I want to use AMOS to do a FIML estimate of the missing data and export the datasheet to SPSS for further analysis. I added every observed variable to the model in AMOS, but I didn't...
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    Scale-wise testing for "missing completely at random"?

    Hi there! :) I want to impute my missing data by using maximal likelihood (ML) estimation in SPSS. I've read that concerning questionnaire data it's recommended to impute the missing data scale-wise, since the intercorrelations of the items of each scale lead to more realistic estimations of...
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    Multiple response variable missing

    If I have a multiple response variable and none of the categories is checked, the subject should be coded as missing right? EX Race RWhite RBlack RChinese ROther Participants can choose more than one option. 1=check 0=not check. If a participants did not check any of the categories...
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    Challenge: dependent variable observed randomly over time

    Hello everyone, I have been working on this problem and couldn't find a solution so any kind of help is more than welcome! I have data ranging from the year 1900 to 2000 in 150 cities for four independent variables (one of which is a dummy). These nicely constitute the requirements of a...
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    Dealing with missing cells in ANOVA

    I'm working on a project where I'm comparing sets of data from different measurement devices. I'm trying to do run several ANOVA tests in SPSS with the Welch test and Games-Howell post-hoc but am having a problem with my empty cells (they show up as " . "). The empty cells are missing pieces...
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    fill missing variables by cycle

    Hi all, I am on this for some time now and don't know how to solve it. It is actually only a small part of a much bigger task, but I am stuck and cannot go further. I have quite a large dataset (ds) with around 40 variables. To every ID there are multiple cycles. In every cycle there are...