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    Help with mixed model analysis

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    SPSS: Mixed design ANOVA or paired sample t-test for both groups separately

    ------Dears TalkStats, Your help is highly appreciated! :) ------- I want to test wether the decrease in sleep quality of my sample is different for the two types of conditions. I did a paired sample t test while using split file (so seperately for condition 1 and condition 2) and i did a...
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    HELP with experimental analysis (fear conditioning)

    I am running an olfactory fear conditioning procedure in which 2 odors (odor A/ odor B) are either paired with a footshock (CS+) or absence of footshock (CS-), and I have several drug treatment groups. So, each animal has a drug treatment assignment, a % time freezing score in response to CS+...
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    Help with mixed between within subjects ANOVA

    I've recently performed a mixed between within subjects ANOVA. I have the results for the two main effects as well as the interaction effect. The interaction effect is significant and I am wondering what to report. Some places are telling me I can also report the main effects whilst others...