1. H

    find central tendency

    The following table presents frequency distribution of teachers of 1 year: Rank Frequency Professor 32511 Assoc Professor 28570 Asst Professor 59277 Instructor 14289 Others 3276 1)find mean, median and mode. 2)which is...
  2. M

    Moderation: what if one predictor variable affects another?

    Hi guys! We would be very thankful for some insight on our moderation analysis. We have two predictor variables, one is manipulated, the other is measured. There’s a measured outcome variable. We would like to do a moderation analysis where the measured predictor variable moderates the effect...
  3. L

    Merits and Demerits

    What is the merits and demerits of mean median and mode? I have already found a link discussing the topic I want to that is helpful or not.
  4. P

    How to identify 3 most frequent responses and turn them into new variables.

    Hello! I have a data set of 1000 individuals (rows) and (for this example) 18 likert-scale 5-item item responses in the columns. So the data for one person might look like this: SubjectA1 1 1 2 1 2 3 5 3 4 1 1 1... etc. I want to generate 6 new variables. 3 for each of the most common 3...
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    Mode of a Uniform Distribution

    Hi Folks, I searched for this (google, wiki, Talk Stats) and didn't find the response (which doesn't mean it's not there somewhere but...). Looking at the definition for Mode it seems to leave the door open to the mode of a uniform distribution being multimodal containing all of the data...
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    Candidate selection help to find fairest mechanism to use

    Hello all, Seeking some guidance to help me as I work out the score of a group of candidates for a set of roles I am hiring for. They've had to undergo 2 exercises. One was where they were assessed during a networking session by a group of managers over the course of 90 minutes. In this...
  7. C

    computing mode of a density function in R

    I want to compute mode of the following distribution in R. But i think my procedure is not correct to compute it . f <- function(x)(3/7)*x^2 #1<x<2 x=seq(1,2,length=5000) y = f(x) d = data.frame(x,y) d$x[d$y==max(d$y)]
  8. K

    How do I compute a variable that aggregate mode?

    I am asking for some advice on a data management procedure that would allow me to perform a function that would aggregate variables and return mode values. Aggregate command in SPSS does not allow to aggregate by mode offering options to aggregate by mean, sum, etc. I'm using a Likert scale...
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    How to analyze statistical difference between averages of mode, mean and median?

    Attached is the graph with my data: I have 4 distributions of particles of different sizes. For each one of them, a particle size frequency distribution has been measured three times. Median, mean and mode were calculated for each frequency distribution and averaged for each of the four...
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    Likert scale - mean or meadian?

    HI I have some quesitons on Likert scale. I have 9 statements in 1 questionnaire (scale of 1 to 6). My questions are: 1) I want to display teh result in bar I have to use median , is it? or do i need to use mean? am i right? 2) If i want to compare two groups (girls and...