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    Suspicious about perfect fit in SEM (CFI = 1, RMSEA = 0)

    I'm new to path analysis in SEM and suspicious about my model fit indices in R / lavaan: lavaan 0.6-6 ended normally after 27 iterations Estimator ML Optimization method NLMINB Number of free parameters...
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    Signal Detection Theory - Distribution fitting

    I'm trying to figure out how to design a signal detection experiment with an odd dataset. the data comes from an RSVP experiment where observers are required to identify which letter falls with in a white ring cue that surrounds it for a single frame. Responses are measured in their distance in...
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    Cross validation question

    Hi guys, I am a bit confused about what k-fold Cross Validtation does. Is it better to remove non significant variables and tune with k-fold cross validation or the other way around? Or CV has nothing to do with tuning the model?
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    Testing Model Fit between Subsets of Data When Using Multilevel Models

    When using multilevel models based on maximum likelihoods, one can use either deviance statistics (e.g., -2LLs) for nested models or information criteria (e.g., Bayesian Information Criterion, BIC) to test which of two models better fit the data--as long as the models are both used to fit the...
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    RMSEA impacted by high reliability scores..

    Hello again Sorry - In relation to running Confirmatory Factor Analysis - I'm wondering whether someone is aware of RMSEA being impacted by high reliability scores ? As background, I understand that RMSEA can be affected by high factor loadings. Currently, I have a construct with 6...
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    Error propagation when dividing by fitted model

    Hoping someone can help me / point me in the right direction with this one. Seems like it should be straight forward, but just can't quite get my head around it or find the info I need. BACKGROUND: I am looking at an astronomical radio data set. For a bunch of radio sources, I have...
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    3x2 design - data analysis ANOVA/MANOVA? How to add interaction in the model?

    Hello, Discription of experiment I am researching "The effect of review valence and brand commitment on consumer's purchase intention" for my university thesis. I conducted a 3x2(no review/positive review/negative review x brand/no brand) between subjects design experiment.There were total...
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    overall model fit for generalized structural equation model

    Hi All, I'm new to this forum, and I hope I can be both of help and find help. My current problem involves modeling longitudinal data. I have four waves of data and I'm examining employment status and rearrest as endogenous outcome variables. I have built and run a generalized structural...
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    fiting a model to data with two peaks (bimodal?)

    I have plant growth data dependent on temperature on a yearly basis for 6 years. The data exhibit two 'peaks' in growth during the season, with a dip in between. Individually, the yearly data does not appear to be normal using a probability plot. But when the data is collapsed into one column...
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    SEM: poor fit, large sample, a lot of DF with significant coefficients.

    I am running an analysis of the influence of gender on a number of performance outcomes. My model is also moderated by the gender of the evaluator. The model has really poor fit (Df=241, N=851 I am looking at RMSEA (default model .309) and Hoelter (.05, Default model =12; .01 Default model...