model selection

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    How to pick the better model parameter in this example?

    Let's say the model is fixed (e.g., a linear model where 5 coefficients need to be fit). Denote the parameter (coefficient) vector as \beta. First, you are given 50 data (X,y) and use them to get a \beta, say \beta_1; Then, you are given additional 50 data (so now you have 100 data) and you...
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    how to calculate the significance of an R2 increase (based only on results in paper)

    Recently I have come across several articles that report OLS results of models with increasing numbers of variables. In the articles the R2 and F-statistics are reported (and, of course, t or p values for the coefficients). In these articles, I note that the R2 (or adjusted R2) doesn't...
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    Help with Nested ANOVA model selection using SAS

    Hello, I would like some help with selecting the appropriate model for a nested ANOVA using SAS. I have a data set with d15n as the response variable and year, grid and station as class variables. I sampled over two years and sampled from in the same three grids in each year, but in each...
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    Prerequisite for gene regulatory network research (systems biology)

    I would appreciate any advice or directions on what to study and in what order, from basic statistics and probability course to were one is able to model a system, e.g. cellular systems.
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    AIC number of parameter

    Dear all, I am new in this forum. I m facing a problem with my AIC. I m using model selection framework (Akaike’s weights) with various type of "Abundance-occupancy" model. It is a family of model which uses mean abundance of species to predict the probability of occurrence. One of these...