1. S

    Continuous variable as moderator of relationship between two continuous variables?

    Is there a test in SPSS to do this? When I google it, I only find it with categorical moderator variables...thanks
  2. R

    Is it possible to test this moderated multiple mediation model?

    Dear friends, For my masterthesis I want to test the following model. The effect of transformational leadership on learning motivation. Mediators are the three basal needs of the selfdetermination theory. So there are multiple mediations. These mediations are moderated by perceived workload...
  3. A

    What statistical test do I need to use for a moderator variable?

    For my study, I'm trying to test whether a variable acts as a moderator between the relationship of two other variables. I read that I should use moderational multiple regression with an interaction effect. However, I heard you can only use it if the moderator variable has 2 categories/ is...
  4. M

    Polynomial regression interpretation

    I am running a logistic regression to find how font manipulation (x1) and people perceptions over how easy it is to process the information (x2) influence the online buying behaviour (y). I was especially interest to see if x2 acts like a moderator. Initially I have got to the following...
  5. P

    Moderating effects in structural equation models

    Hello, first, I want to apologize if I'm opening this thread in the wrong folder etc. I just registered here and I'm a bit confused still. I'm having trouble interpreting moderation effects in a structural equation model. We're regressing antisocial behaviour (four latent factors) on...
  6. L

    Regression analysis with moderator and multiple independent variables

    Hello, I am currently in the process of analyzing my survey results for my master's thesis. I want to test whether people in transparently designed companies show less deviant behavior and whether certain personality traits moderate this relationship. My supervisor and me agreed on testing...
  7. T

    How to measure a moderator: 2 independent variables and one moderator (median split)

    Hello to everyone, I have some problems with my diploma work and I really need your help. I am trying to measure a moderating effect on my sample. I looked into the literature and I am still unable to find the answer. What ever I came onto is regarding one IV and one moderator. My IVs...
  8. K

    [SPSS - Binary logistic test - Interaction (moderator) ]

    DV: dichotomous (0 = show, 1 = no-show) IV (covariates): Geslacht = Gender dvd_week = Day of the week Gender (0 = females, 1 = males) --> Indicator(first) dvd_week = (1 = monday, 2 = tuesday, ... , 7 = sunday) --> indicator(first) Interaction (moderator): dvd_week * geslacht...
  9. D

    Missing post. Moderator help?

    Hi admins and moderators, thanks for this forum. I think I need help. Two days ago I tried to leave a reply to Hans Rudel's thread "Sample distribution of means and the minimum number of samples/population size" in the elementary statistics forum. I think it said my post needed to be...
  10. trinker

    moderator vs. mediator variable

    I've encountered these terms 100s of times and looked up their definition and tried to understand them at least 15 times. I'm really trying to get them today: Here's what I've come up with: moderator can affect direction and size of an effect between 2 other variables (x1 and y) but it...