1. T

    moderation/mediation repeated measures

    Hello everyone, I need help with interaction effects in multiple regression analysis. Study went like this: 120 participants solved 20 base-rate neglect tasks which all differed in ratio and congruence (mediators/moderators). They all solved statistical reasoning test (predictor). Correct...
  2. M

    Control variables in mediation analysis?

    Hi, I want to conduct a mediation analysis, which will investigate whether the change in depressive symptoms during treatment (time) is mediated by the change in OCD symptoms. Currently, I have time as my predictor, OCD symptoms as my mediator and depressive symptoms (at time t+1) as my...
  3. BryceOdell

    [MPlus] Using the Alignment Method with non-invariant factors

    I am attempting to use the Alignment within CFA method from Marsh et al. (2017) on 2015 PISA. However, six out of nine factors have more than 25% non-invariance What can be done to a dataset that is found to be mostly non-invariant using the alignment method? Does this mean than the 6 factors...
  4. C

    Mplus code for testing mediation, moderation, and moderated mediation type hypotheses

    79 different model configurations gradually being added here, with diagrams, equations/algebra for calculating effects, and Mplus code for testing conditional indirect and direct effects Enjoy!
  5. R

    Latent Growth Curve and covariates

    I'm examining latent growth curves in Mplus. My dependent variable is continuous, measured over three time points. I have a great unconditional model, and now I want to examine multiple time-invariant predictors on the latent intercept and slope. If I add the predictors, how do I evaluate if...
  6. M

    New MPLUS Fanboy - Do we Have Mplus users here?

    Hello everyone, I was happy to find this forum. I am a MSc in Clinical Psychology and contrary to 99% of my colleagues I love research and doing empirical studies. I am currently doing a PhD in Nottingham (UK) and I have published few papers on behavioural addictions, mostly on Internet...
  7. P

    Conducting longitudinal interaction analysis, using bootstrapping.

    In relation to my dissertation, I am looking for someone with the competences to perform interaction analysis in m plus on longitudinal data, with the use of bootstrapping and checking for potential level 2 clustering effects. I would offer authorship on the article and / or payment. If someone...