multilevel analysis

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    multilevel analysis help!?

    Hi, I have a question regarding multilevel analyses using stata. My research question concerns a nested observational study design in which i collect questionnaire data from students (that cluster within classes, that cluster within schools: a 3 level design). Together with a set of...
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    HELP! SEM and path analysis with time frames

    I am having trouble writing the methods section for my dissertation research. I am using SEM/path analysis, and I cannot figure out how to include multilevel analysis for one of my IVs. One of my IVs has 6 levels of time associated with it. The outcome on the DV is being compared between each...
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    Longitudinal multilevel moderation analysis - stats geniuses, please help me!!

    Hi all, I am working on a very complicated analysis and am quite lost! :confused: I am analysing data from a randomised controlled trial. I have 3 groups (treatment 1, treatment 2, waitlist), and 3 repeated measures (baseline, time 1, time 2). In addition, I have 7 possible continuous...
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    ICC and Factor scores

    Dear All, I am computing Inter-class correlations (ICC) for a multilevel comparison of geographical areas. I have a long list of indicators and for some I could reduce them in fewer factors. Is there any problem in computing the ICC on individual's factor scores? Thank you in advance
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    Using HLM7 Student for a 3-level diary study

    Hi there, I'm new at using the statistics program HLM7 for Students, and I wonder if someone could help me. I've conducted a longitudinal diary study. It lasted 5 days, in which participants had to fill a different questionnaire three times a day. The questionnaries were different for each...