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    Correct model for outcome variable with 4 categories

    I am working on a study that measures the association between BMI(exposure) and multi level(outcome). I am testing with BMI both continuously and categorically, but the outcome is a score with 4 levels. I am having trouble deciding on correct regression analysis for an outcome of 4 levels. If...
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    is expected count for independent variable matters ?

    I trying to run a multinomial logistic regression but i want to know does the expected count of each independent variable should be less than 5 before i run the test?
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    blank in goodness of fit test in multinomial logistic regression

    I run a multinomial logistic regression with dependent variable BECK DEPRESSION INVENTORY LEVEL ( Six categories) and independent variable gender But i got nothing inside the sig column under goodness of fit test I then tried to run the test with BDI LEVEL with gender and year of study (four...
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    multinomial logistic regression

    I tried to run a multinomial logistic regression with dependent variable (depression level - 6 level in total) and independent variable ( categorical, ordinal , ratio) total independent variables i had is 13. i try to run the test but the result seem quite unpleasant plus the SPSS told me...
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    Factors or covariates in multinomial logistic regression

    I have ordinal variables where I ask the respondent to rate how frequent they go for a motivational talk ( 1: never, 2: rarely, 3: sometime , 4: often, 5: always ) and also their satisfaction towards their life ( 1: unsatisfied ............ 9:very satisfied) . So, as i know this kind of...
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    Should i use Multinomial Logistic Regression?

    Hello to all. I have an x-ray evaluation of patients. Each patient was seen in the clinic at different time intervals (Days between xrays), not regular times. There are different rates of application to clinics for patients (at least 3, at most 10 or more times) X-rays were evaluated for a...
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    Multinomial Logistic Regression, 2x2 Between Participants Design

    Hello everyone, I would really appreciate some advice on how to interpret my SPSS-Output. I have tried to figure it out myself, but haven't been able to get an answer. I have 2 binary independent variables and 1 dependent variable with 3 categorical outcomes. So a 2x2 Design. In order to...
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    Multinomial Logistic Regression - Interaction Effect

    Hello there, I would appreciate it very much if someone could help. In my study, participants saw a picture of a man or woman either with or without a cigarette. So I have a 2(Male, Female) x 2(smoker, non-smoker) experimental design. The question is whether participants would choose...
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    Reference category in multinomial logistic regression

    Hello! My question concerns the effect of base category on the estimates of multinomial logistic regression. Does the choice of reference category influence the log likelihood and thus estimates of model fit and performance, such as pseudo-R2? Or is pseudo-R2 independent of the category chosen...