1. M

    [R]: Mixed model for non-normal y with many 0s and some high values in nested design

    Dear all, I am currently writing my master thesis on the effect of a certain insecticide on bumble bee colonies. In particular I am testing whether the insecticide affects virus or bacterium concentrations. In many colonies I haven’t found any viruses, but if they are present they can be in...
  2. B

    Experimental design question

    I am struggling with the complexity of my experimental design... I apologize in advance for any incorrect terminology or grammar. I know that I have a 2x2x2 factorial design with 2 different dam diets (during pregnancy), 2 different offspring diets, and genders (obviously 2 levels)...
  3. trinker

    How is simple nested not blocked

    I'm reading the optimal design manual and it says on p. 8: How can a nested design (I'm thinking students in classrooms) not have blocking? I thought blocking meant arranging units into blocks that are similar. This means I must not understand either nesting, blocking or both correctly...