1. J

    Comparing odds (random)

    Hello to everybody, I would like to ask how to compare the odds (the random responding). Let's image the situation of the test where are two types of events - target and non-target. Person need to respond to target event and must not respond to non-target events. Target events are occurring...
  2. N

    Developing a 64 Card Poker Deck Variant - Curious About Probabilities

    Straight Variant: The only difference is that the top rank can bridge the 1st rank to form a sequence. Think of it as if Q, K, A, 2, 3 was a legal straight. How is that calculated? A More Complex Straight Variant: This one gets trickier, I think. In this variant, there are: 64 cards 4 suits 13...
  3. N

    Nonlinear odds-to-probs conversion

    The New England Patriots are playing the Buffalo Bills. The fractional odds are Patriots 1/2 and the Bills 2/1, where a bet on the Patriots risks $2 to win $1, and a bet on the Bills risks $1 to win $2. A rational bettor has $1 to bet. A $1 wager on the favorite Patriots yields a $0.50 profit...
  4. L

    Statistic software to calculate this?

    Hello everyone. This is a difficult post... take your time to read please, and I am sorry if I have not explained myself very well I would like to calculate the average frequency of an event in a tennis match: For example, let's say that Rodger Federer in the most of the tennis...
  5. L

    test of logistic regression constant

    Hello, everyone! I wonder whether anyone knows how can i intepret a coefficient of constant in logistic regression. I have used "logistic" in stata, so i got oddsratios. My constant is eqiual .0441026** Please help ! i googled it , but did not find anything.
  6. S

    Betting Statistics - Calculation of odds accuracy - what am I measuring here?

    Hello folks! Before anything, an important disclaimer: I am an amateur at statistics and I’m trying to learn by my own. Please bear with me if the questions below sounds like utter nonsense to you guys: In an experiment where you have Team A playing a game of any sports against Team B, both...
  7. T

    Random Odds and Percentage Question

    Hi Everyone, I have a random question related to odds and percentage that I can't figure out. Does this statement in terms of the percentage difference sound true? "The odds for students in group A to graduate are 5.03 (11,734 group A students graduate and 2330 do not) and the odds for...
  8. O

    dice rolling odds. please help!

    Suppose you have a FIVE sided dice. One of the sides has a star on it, the other four sides are blank. Suppose you rolled it 10 times. What are the odds that you would roll the star 4 out of the 10 times? can't figure this out, thank you so much!
  9. E

    Soccer betting probability, risk and odds question - help

    Hello, Consider two different cases of soccer betting. 1) The first consists of 32 different sets of matches (each consisting of 5 matches with different odds of their own). Some of the individual matches (of 5 matches) in the sets can be the same with another set from time to time, but...
  10. G

    Standard deviation of a set of random odds

    Standard deviation of a set of random probabilities Imagine I have n mutually exclusive events whose probabilities are perfectly random. The sum of their probabilities is 1 of course. What is their most likely standard deviation, if there is one? Playing around with R, it looks like there is...
  11. A

    Logistic Regression Problem - HELP!

    A local health clinic sent fliers to its clients to encourage everyone, but especially older persons at high risk of complications, to get a flue shot in time for protection against an expected flu epidemic. In a pilot follow-up study, 160 clients were randomly selected and asked whether they...
  12. J

    Odds of winning a race given the odds of each runner beating each opponent?

    Hi, Say we have three runners: A, B and C, and we have the probability of each runner beating each individual opponent: A before B: 0.68 A before C: 0.42 B before A: 0.32 B before C: 0.30 C before A: 0.58 C before B: 0.70 Of course, the probability of A before B is = 1 -...
  13. P

    How to test if the odds of success are significantly different from zero

    Hi all, Suppose I have a model below (in R): glmer(Y~X + (1|subject), family="binomial", data=dat) Where Y is the binary outcome variable and X is the sole predictor variable with 6 levels. The results of the regression test is below. The intercept is the log odds of success for the...
  14. J

    Odds of a certain 5 character string occurring in a random string of 512.

    I work in security and recently had a false positive happen where a certain word that was being tested occurred in the session id. Matching is not case sensitive. The character ranges that can be used in the session id: 0-9, A-Z, a-z, +, /. (no comma or period) The security check was...
  15. trinker

    odds ratio to proability

    Let's say I have an odds ratio from logistic regression that's 1.4:1 for males:females. How can I get probabilities back out of this? The formula for odds ratio is \frac{\frac{p_1}{1-p_1}}{\frac{p_2}{1-p_2}}
  16. B

    Game Theory Question

    Hello gurus, I got involved in a debate with my sister this evening, and despite (what I thought) was a relatively simple problem, I couldn't provide a rigorous answer. I was hoping that someone on here could give me some insight. A casino she frequents will often give her "fake money" to...
  17. S

    Odds ratio calculation

    Hey guys. I've been doing some work during the holidays and there's one thing I've been having trouble with. I'm doing a personal study comparing social survey answers between two different countries to make a comparative analysis on religions effect on education. To compare, I need to do...
  18. J

    Recurring Event, Probability of Totals

    Hi. I'm actually not working on homework, but trying to make odds tables for a card game called Summoner Wars to practice/learn math for fun. It's a typical dice battle game, where various characters roll varying amounts of dice to attack. For each die, if they role a 3, 4, 5, or 6, it...