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    ML est. with oprobit per Huasman et al in Stata 13?

    Hi. I am using Stata IC 10 and having difficulty implementing the ml estimation to determine sensitivity to misclassification in limited dependent variable put forth by Hausman, Abrevaya and Scott-Morton. I am using an ordered probit (three categories) but could use ologit. Will a newer...
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    Ordered Probit (similar to Ordered Logit): Pseudo R2 Meaning?

    Ordered Probit (similar to Ordered Logit): How to graph? Hi! I have just run a oprobit and am curious about how to graph the results. . oprobit numrate NSPFrac Iteration 0: log likelihood = -111627.39 Iteration 1: log likelihood = -111415.17 Iteration 2: log likelihood =...