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    Statistical comparisons for large sample sizes (n>1000)

    I am comparing the drug exposures across two different groups, consisting of 1000 simulated drug exposures per group. Drug exposures are continuous variables following a normal distribution. I want to know if different doses yield a statistically significant difference in mean drug exposure...
  2. M

    Should I include p-values in a Census type data?

    Hello guys, I am conducting a study that compares rates of CIF (Client Intake Forms) completion collected among via self-administered paper-based interviews (SAPI) as compared to electronic collection via iPads. By completion I mean CIF that have no missing values, that is all questions were...
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    Comparing p-values from multiple permutation (Mantel) tests on variations of the same

    I am comparing the relationship between genetic and geographic distance of individuals in a wild animal population. The hypothesis is that individuals with higher genetic relatedness establish home ranges closer to one another (shorter geographic distance between them) than to individuals that...
  4. K

    How do you calculate an exact p-value from the t-values?

    I have a regression model that I've run in R. x<-c(68,88,62,72,60,96,78,46,82,94,68,48) y<-c(1190,1211,1004,917,770,1456,1180,710,1316,1032,752,963) m1 <- lm(y~x) summary(m1) Which gives me a t-value of 3.301 on the slope And I understand that I can get a critical value using the...
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    meta-analysis combined p-value from different tests

    I want to examine whether the students of School A have done significantly better than the students of School B in science subjects. In Math, School A does moderately better (p-value: 0.06) than school B. We observe similar and consistent results for physics (p-value:0.09) and chemistry...
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    p-value in a two-tailed hypothesis test

    how do i find the p-value of a two-tailed hypothesis test based on a large sample if I have a test staistic eqaul to 0.95
  7. R

    Different p-values with different procedures

    Fairly novice in statistics, so this will surely have a simple explanation. I ran bivariate analyses to check for normality of a series of variables and also to test the relationship of each with two outcome variables (one binary the other continuous). In the bivariate analyses (using either...
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    combining weighted p-values across multiple studies

    Hello, I am not someone who is extremely familiar with statistical theory so I have had to do a lot of reading to arrive at these ideas. I am basically attempting to combine p-values across a series of studies while maintaining these p-values weighted by sample size and by function. I have...