paired samples t-test

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    Paired Samples T test or Repeated Measures ANOVA?

    Hi everyone, I am on a tight deadline and could use some input on my proposed analyses for my project. PROJECT: I am administering a novel treatment to participants and seeing if they lose weight at the end of 6 months of treatment. There is no control group (there are rationale for this...
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    Paired T-test effect size

    Can someone please direct me to a calculation for an effect size for a paired samples t-test along with a reference? Thanks in advance.
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    paired t test: How important is the t-value for reporting ?

    Good day everyone. I have a question about a paired t test which i just performed "5 times" for my set of 500 samples. Details below: "Paired t test" performed 5 times. 1) between "method1 - ValueA" and "method1 - ValueB" 2) between "method2 - ValueA" and "method2 - ValueB" 3) between...
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    Divergent results - RMANOVA vs. paired samples t-tests

    Hi there, I'm analyzing a dataset (a pre - post intervention), where I have a baseline and 2 post-intervention time points. If I perform a RMANOVA (factor time (pre, p1, p2)), the resultant p value is above 0.05. However, if I perform a paired samples t-tests (2 comparisons, pre-p1 and...