1. L

    Working with zoo closed population - observation study - Which test?

    Our title: Investigating the anticipatory and aggressive behaviour of a captive group of Sulawesi Crested Macaques (Macaca nigra) during different feeding times and enclosure location. Confused as to what stats test to use as > we have 3 independent variables (explanatory as observation) 1)...
  2. I

    The Unexpected and Thrilling life of Grass - A Statistical Story

    Hi, I'm an aspiring Environmental Scientist and i've recently finished some data collection to do with Common Grassland Species. My hope was to match my findings against a Botany report done several years ago to see the change over time. However i can't figure out which tests to use as most...
  3. drtoddchang

    Similarity instead of differences in means b/w 2 groups

    Hi - long time lurker. First time poster. I'm hoping folks can provide guidance and opinions. I am looking at a small pilot study (n=16) of subjects whose heart rates are being measured as part of stress physiology. Heart rate is the continuous outcome variable (/min). The subjects go...
  4. T

    Best scenario: unpaired or paired situation?

    I have a few questions, but first let me give you some necessary background of the experiment and the underlying questions. Basically, the design is as follows: 3 independent repeated experiments across different days using different stocks of a cell lineage (clones); One factor called...
  5. W

    paired or unpaired?

    Hi, Need some advice, if I'm comparing species abundance in the same location across two different seasons is this paired or non-paired for Mann-Whitney-U? Thanks in advance
  6. O

    Paired or Unpaired T-test?

    If I have traps set to capture a certain animal at night vs. during the day, would I use a paired or unpaired T-test? I'd be comparing the mean number of species 1 collected during the day with the mean number of species 1 collected at night (using the same trap). Each individual animal is...
  7. E

    Paired data but unequal sample size

    Hi there, I'm not great with statistics so apologies if this is a really silly question. I'm conducting research on women who suffer third degree tears during childbirth. I'm currently looking to compare the rate of tear for women giving birth for the first time, and then the recurrence rate...
  8. M

    paired sample t-test for repeated measures in 1 subject

    I am conducting a psychology experiment. In my pilot study I analyze responses of one subject which ran through two conditions. The task is to predict outcomes based on previous outcomes. On every trial the subject tries to predict the outcome as good as possible and learns to adapt the...
  9. J

    Which paired test?

    Hi, I have a little slightly complicated analysis which I want do describe in form of another similar but clearer example: I have 15 different stones (different material, different size). Each stone can be identified (e.g. has a number). Now I have an experiment where I through each...
  10. C

    Paired or unpaired data: please help

    Hi all, I have this question and have been toiling on it for days. Am not sure if I'm tackling it correctly. A group of patients attending a particular program were assessed at the start of program and then at the end of the program. Some in the group were prescribed medications before end...
  11. C

    Paired or unpaired test?

    Forum experts, I'm doing some environmental data anlalysis and I'm struggling with the correct statistics approach. I have data from 4 3-week studies where a number of parameters were collection both upwind and downwind of an emissions site. I have 1-min data that I have also averaged into...
  12. J

    Paired or Independent?

    Dear all, For my thesis I have created 2 portfolios of 250 stocks each (randomly selected). I hypothetically buy them on the 1st of January and sell them back on the last trading day of the year. I have calculated the returns over the year and collected them in 2 groups of 250 each...