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    How to interpret Weibull Accelerated Failure Time (AFT)

    Hello, I fitted a Weibull Accelerated Failure Time (AFT) to my dataset (n=1071). The output reported the shape parameter (B=0.67,p<0.001). My understanding is that since the coefficient is less than 1, this means that the hazard is increasing over time. Is this correct? I also fitted another...
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    Regression Analysis with Time Series Data

    Hey guys, I have some monthly time series data and I'm trying to perform regression analysis on it. I'm just wondering, if I have a few insignificant months does it make sense to remove their parameters from the model? It marginally increases my adjusted R-squared, but I'm just wondering if...
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    Changing the units changes the scale and shape of Weibull pdf?

    Please delete this post I don't know how to delete the post.:(
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    Data generation study with irt

    Hello everybody, I have a simulation study and I try to generate irt data with a program called WINGEN. I want to generate dichotomously scored, normal distributed and unidimensional data. And I my number of examinees are 10000, number of items 40 and my irt model is 2PLM. WINGEN asks me...