path model

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    path analysis

    If I wish to do path analysis, how would I put the these variables in a model? I have 2 IVs (e.g. A and B), 1 DV (e.g. C). And A,B and C can be measured using questionnaires. For each variable, A has 2 sub-constructs, (e.g. subA1 and subA2) B also has 2 sub-constructs, (e.g. subB1 and...
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    Path Model (SEM)

    Hello, Can anybody please explain how to interpret the "Path Model" results? In path models the structure is predefined (LV, MV and the Path), If not sure of the path and the grouping of LV and MV is there any way to figure out which MV should be part of a particular LV? Thanks