pearsons correlation

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    Standard error calculation for more than one sample size

    Hi all I am conducting a meta analysis of pearsons r correlations. Whenever a study has presented more than one correlation I have averaged them into one correlation by converting them into fishers z scores. I now have the problem that I need to calculate a standard error and variance of the...
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    calculating standard error and variance of correlation estimates

    Hi all I understand that to calculate the standard error of correlation estimates converted into fishers z scores you need to follow - 1/(√N−3) Now I have the standard error , I am wondering how I calculate the variance please? Thanks
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    Converting spearmans r to fishers z for meta analysis ; Correcting for range in meta analysis

    Hi all I am conducting a meta analysis of pearsons r correlations but I have a study with a spearmans rank correlation. I was converting the pearsons correlations into fishers z scores to conduct the meta analysis , then to be converted back into correlations, but I am wondering if I am able to...
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    Paired Sample T-Test, Bivariate Correlation, Factors Influencing Resistance to Change

    Hi there, My study investigates factors that influence resistance to change in an organisation. The independent variables are: trust, communication, age and participation. For the purpose of this study, the target population (N=25) answered self-administered questionnaires, using a...
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    Can correlation be used as a measure of accuracy?

    I have a paired data set of known age and estimated age, and correlation tests show that there is a strong correlation between the two, but what I want to know is, does that mean the estimates are accurate? My thinking is no, correlation cannot tell you if the estimated age is accurate, but...
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    Pearsons correlation, confidence intervals, bootstrapping... Statistical nightmare

    I am currently running a project where I have 4 variables and a questionannaire with 4 subscales. I have performed a Pearsons correlation on this (due to high frequency of extreme scores in the questionairre and non-normal distribution of the questionnaire) and have found 2 significant results...