permutation test

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    Which Non-parametric Significance Test Should I Use?

    Hi, I've been working on a little project. Last year I delivered pizzas. I recorded data for 300 of my deliveries like tip amounts, order totals, and delivery times. I have a few hypotheses I would like to test. For example, after examining the data I've noticed that the average tip from...
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    Is the order of an event occurs in a sequences of events random?

    I am interested in knowing how to analyse whether the order in which an event occurs within a sequence of events is random; i.e. is the likelihood of event '1' occurring 1st in a sequence of events just as likely as it occurring 2nd or 3rd etc.. More specifically: My work is...
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    Permutation test: Level of significance

    Dear all, I am currently reading about permutation/randomization tests and have some difficulties to understand why they are exact. More precisely, I consider two groups of independent random variables with means \mu_1 and \mu_2 and variances \sigma^2_1 and \sigma^2_2, which are assumed to be...
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    permutation test on 2-factor contingency table

    Anyone has an idea on how to perform a permutation test on a 2-factor contingency table? In R? thanks!! :)
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    Query regarding multiple comparisons

    When you perform a permutation test on a two-factor within-subject repeated measures ANOVA, how should you relabel the category information? For example, let's say you're using a 3x2 treatment by condition experiment, with 10 subjects. Do you relabel completely randomly, or do you...