polychoric correlation

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    How to get polychoric corr. with significance

    Hi all I am new to this forum. I have been desperately looking for a way to compute a polychoric correlation matrix, with significance in R. If that is very hard then polychoric correlation between two variables with significance would be sufficient. What I have tried so far...
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    [Lisrel] Need help with Lisrel project

    Hi, I am having trouble with my Lisrel Project. If there is someone who knows Lisrel, i would appreciate the help. I put my hypotheses, syntax and output in the attachments. Thanks in beforehand.
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    [LisRel] How can i add a polychoric correlation to my LisRel syntax?

    Hi everyone, I'm creating a structural equation model for my research by means of LISREL. Recently, i noticed that the order of my variables in my prelis file changed my entire model. I started by simply importing my spss file in Lisrel, updated the variable type and created a covariance matrix...
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    Factor analysis, what type of data can I use?

    Hello everyone, I have a social science dataset composed of circa 40 variables. The data types I am using are quite diverse. The variables I am using (briefly put) are: are age, gender, educational background(1-7 scale), 7 point perception scales measuring the degree of trust in...