predicted probabilities

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    saving predicted probabilities in logistic regression w/ bootstrapping

    SAS allows you to bootstrap a logistic regression and then save the predicted probabilities associated with logistic model. When I try doing that in SPSS, I get the following message: "This command is trying to save new variables while bootstrapping is in effect. The new variables will...
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    Plot interaction effects

    Hi! I already know how to plot the predicted probabilities of binomial models without any interaction terms: predicted logit = a + bX predicted probabilities= EXP(predicted logit)/(1+EXP(predicted logit)) What I needed to know is how to do it when the model contains an interaction...
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    Predicted probabilities for discrete-time event history analysis

    Does anyone know how to calculate predicted probabilities for a discrete-time event history analysis? Just in case the term "predicted probabilities" isn't clear, I'll provide an example based on OLS regression. Suppose I estimate the effect of education on income (I'll overlook the obvious...