probability model

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    Description of continuous measurement

    In the pdf attachment from a set of notes, a brief description of how we describe a continuous measurement is described. I have a few basic questions regarding this, any assistance would be appreciated: Questions: - I think the motivation for defining \DeltaW_n is to define it as the error...
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    Shared car usage

    Given a pool of C cars available to use by P people, the arrival rate of drivers to borrow cars is r, and the average trip time is t, how often will there be zero cars available for use?
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    Probabilistic models - clarification on separation of model and solver

    Almost all of the material I read on probabilistic models/ probabilistic programming mentions separating solver and the model, thus stating the benifit that the model can be changed by the user irrespective of the solver. I am a bit hazy about how this benifit comes about only in probabilistic...
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    Probability Help

    Hello! Taking an introductory course on statistics in college. Confused about one question. It reads: The IRS reports that 15% of the tax returns where the adjusted gross income exceeded $1 million will be subject to computer audit. For a particular year, a CPA completed 16 returns where the...