1. K

    How do I solve a DAG from a given joint distribution function?

    Hello all, I have a directed graph represented as a joint distribution table between three binary variables; a b c p(a,b,c) 0 0 0 0.192 0 0 1 0.144 0 1 0 0.048 0 1 1 0.216 1 0 0 0.192 1 0 1 0.064 1 1 0 0.048 1 1 1 0.096 How do I prove the of ordered numbering of the nodes and that there are...
  2. T

    Normal Distribution Investment Question

    I have the following scenario and am looking for help: "I have $20, and can invest in one of two options which are independent (A or B). in one year, A can be sold at $X for every $1 that was originally invested, and similarly B can be sold at $Y for every $1. A and B are both normally...
  3. H

    Expected profit

    Hello, I have one question regarding basic statistics homework. It goes like this: Five businesses and the app X have a contract in place for X users to see their adverts. The X app runs a mechanism that asks these businesses if they are currently running ads for X users. An advertisement, which...
  4. V

    Parrondo's Paradox?

    I recently read about the “Parrondo’s Paradox” and i have a question. if u have a fictive game where all 3 probabilities are appearing [in case of a win(p1=0.5 - e, p2.1 = 0.75 - e and p2.2 = 0.1 -e; e= 0.005)] as it is needed for the game and as this are the given rules of the game. And you...
  5. I

    How to test likelihood hypothesis on dataset?

    How to test the following hypothesis? Customers with larger fares are more likely to be travailing alone than smaller ones. Using the data below, is a common statistical test appropriate for this hypothesis? Given were comparing different segments(high vs low) of fare, surely tests using means...
  6. koolinoor

    I cant hack it..

    A loan application is being processed by a committee of 15 members. Successful application has to be approved by at least 12 members. The probability of a single approval is .7 and it doesn't depend on other members. How big is the probability of loan approval?
  7. A

    Set Level Prediction in Tennis

    Hi all, hope someone can point me in the right direction to help me with the problem below! The Data Lets assume that the dataset I have is solely Set-Level win/loss data for every single professional tennis match in the past X years. PlayerA, PlayerB, Set#, playerA_win Nadal, Federer, 1, 1...
  8. H

    Binomial Probability Questions

    For the delivery process, there are 25 delivery vehicles available, of which 23 is required to be operating at any time to give reliable service. During the past 1560 days, the number of days that there was only 23 vehicles available was 190 days, only 22 vehicles available was 22 days, only 21...
  9. H

    Request for urgent Help in a Probability Question

    Dear Friends, I hope you are all fine, I am facing a serious issue to solving this question. Kindly guide me that how to solve this question. I have written the answer to this question (part b and part c) but the answer is not clear. I just want to make two lists (1) List of Mutually exhaustive...
  10. W

    Normalizing traits/statistics based on trait count for each trait type

    My goal is to create an app that calculates rarity scores of traits. The rarity score is a formula like so: Rarity score = 1/(%Chance Of occurrence) Let's say I have a trait that has 10% chance of occurring. The rarity score for this trait will be: 10 = 1/(10%). This score will be without...
  11. M

    How to find skewness ?

    The method have been used here is two point estimate method (TPEM).There are random variables from 1 to 24 for a stochastic function. In formula number (1) we should find 2 locations (k=1,2) for each variable. The , , , are Mean , standard deviation , skewness and weights respectively and m...
  12. B

    'not randomly generated' what does the even mean?!?

    As expressed in this question: The telephone numbers for a region of a state have an area code of 570. The next seven digits represent the local telephone numbers for that region. A local telephone number cannot begin with a 0 or 1. Your cousin lives within the given area code. What is the...
  13. T

    Research design for overlap probability

    I'd like some feedback on both the method and code I'm using to analyze a case study of a person who uses an herbal supplement to help with depression. I will happily take feedback on either the general approach or specifics on the code itself. I really like this forum and am eager for feedback...
  14. D


    Producing machine provides 20% incorrect products. Let's randomly pick 4 produced products. Find the probability that: a) There is exactly one incorrect product. b) There is no incorrect products. c) There is at least one correct product.
  15. S

    Intrabatch variabilty estimated from pooled SD and confidence intervals

    I would like to calculate intrabatch variability of parameter A, which is normally distributed. I have data of 50 batches (the same process), for each batch I have one representative sample with sample size = 10. I have calculated pooled SD from the samples of all 50 batches (I assume this is...
  16. R

    Probability in a card game

    I play a card game called 'Yu-GiOh!'. For those who don't know how this game works, that will be separate paragraphs at the bottom of the page. I have a deck, and I'm looking for the chances of getting a specific one of these using only the starting hand. The numbers are below, (a) and (b) etc...
  17. K

    How can I solve this probability?

    Factory gets supplies delivered every day from the producers. The probabilities of supplies arriving successfully on a given day are 0.97 for the first supplier; 0.87 for the second supplier and 0.75 for the third supplier. The factory requires deliveries from at least one producer to keep up...
  18. K

    how can I solve this lottery probability?

    Lottery consists of 50 tickets, amongst them five tickets with a prize of €10, three tickets with a prize of €5. The rest are empty. What is the probability of buying three lottery tickets and all having prizes?
  19. K

    Probability limit of ridge estimator mu hat

    I have been working on the following question for a while but I stucked at a certain point. I have done part a and b and I found = (I_T + D'D)y where I_T is the identity matrix with dimension T, lambda is tuning parameter and D is the second order difference matrix which is a tridiagonal and...
  20. S

    R and Stats: Multiple t-testing

    So 60 labs decided to group up to test the null hypothesis (sample mean is equal to zero) against the alternative (sample mean is not). The 60 labs collect 10 samples each and all use an α = 0.05 level. Assuming the null hypothesis is true: a) Probability that no labs reject the null? b)...