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    Random Variable of two other random variables. Confusion to the max!

    Here is the question at hand: I don't even know how to begin this question. I'm not looking for a complete solution per se but I don't even know where to begin. Suppose that X is a binomial random variable with parameters (m, θ) and Y is another binomial random variable with parameters (n...
  2. Y

    Probability help

    never mind, solved it
  3. H

    Probability highest value is not part of population

    Hi I've got a very simple problem but I don't know what test to use and I've been searching without success so I'd very much appreciate some help. I have 61 values as shown below. The average is 0.159, the SD is (0.924). What I want to know is what the chances the highest value (~2.46) is...
  4. A

    Poisson Distribution with two different expected value

    Question: Suppose there are number of accidents at location A and location B each day with Poisson Distribution with rate 0.001 and the number of patients during each accident is Poisson distributed with rate 0.1. Find the probability that the number of patients less than 3 in one day...
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    Mixed Poisson Distribution Help

    Question: The number of accidents follows a Poisson distribution with mean 12. Each accident generates 1, 2 or 3 claimants with probabilities 1/6,1/3,1/2, respectively. Calculate the probability that there are at most 3 claimants. Attempt: E(N) = 12[\frac{1}{6}+2*\frac{1}{3}+3*\frac{1}{2}]...
  6. T

    Probability question

    For the 1st part of the question do I use Baye's Theorem? e.g. Required probability = 0.25*0.35/[(0.25*0.35)+(0.30*0.65)]= 0.30 - using Baye's Theorem And can anyone help me with the 2nd part. I have no idea on how to use the information to answer the question. Thanks ! Do I just use...
  7. R

    Probability of Sporting Event Occurring

    Hello everyone I am trying to establish whether it is possible (or appropriate) to calculate the probability of a sporting event occurring given the historic ratio of such event happening. Let me explain a little more in detail - for the purpose of this exercise, I am discounting the fact...
  8. B

    Combinatorial Analysis HW Help

    There are 100 U.S Senators, two from each of the 50 States. If 12 Senators are randomly chosen to form a committee, what is the probabilty that they are alll from different states? If 12 senators are chosen at random from the 100 senators, what is the probabilty that neither of the two...
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    Conditional probability of an event given two independent events

    I am dealing with an interesting probability problem. I had 16 subjects randomly divided into 4 different rooms, each room having 4 seats. The subjects were given a question to solve. We knew from our prior experience that only 50% people could solve the problem. In our study, 7 of the 16 people...
  10. Z

    precision of two independent classifiers

    Consider two classifiers A and B giving binary labels to a big set of candidates, say, we have a million cats and a million dogs for labeling. Assume the two classifiers give independent predictions. Now if classifier A gives a list (500,000) of candidates that are most likely to be dogs (top...
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    help!! I have a test and none of this makes sense.

    Hello! I have an exam on inferential statistics, etc and need serious help.
  12. G

    Probability Help

    Hello! Taking an introductory course on statistics in college. Confused about one question. It reads: The IRS reports that 15% of the tax returns where the adjusted gross income exceeded $1 million will be subject to computer audit. For a particular year, a CPA completed 16 returns where the...
  13. M

    conditional independence

    hello, I would like to ask the following: I have 3 random variables X , Y and Z. If I know that X is independent of Y given Z then does this imply that X is independent of Z? thanks !
  14. J

    calculating probability of disease according to age

    I'm making a program which, at one point, is supposed to estimate the probability of having a certain disease based on the patient's age. I'm going to feed the mean age at which the disease occurs, along with the standard deviation, into the program, but I can't figure out how to actually...
  15. W

    The Probabiliy of Making it

    I have 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 teams. Only 8/12 teams make it to the playoffs. What is the probability that 3,4,5,8,9,10 are part of the 8 teams that make it to the playoffs? Given each team has 1/12 chance of making it. I solved it like this, (8 choose 6) /(12 choose 8) = 0.056. Is this...
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    Simple but quite confusing Problem

    Hi all, I'm solving the problems in probability but, the question below looks simple but quite confusing to me. Regarding question 2-(c), any tips or advice would be appreciated to me. 2. Suppose that we have N balls numbered 1 to N. If we let Xi be the number on the ith drawn ball so...
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    Please help me start this question.

    Consider an experiment where we roll a single die once and let X represent the number of dots that appear on the top face of the die. Suppose that the die is not fair and that P(X=x)=x/k for x= 1,2,3,4,5,6. All I would like to know is what does the k in x/k mean in this question? How would I...
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    Compute time to sell (with 50% probability) at Price P from linear regression

    I think this is a very basic question (from a total stat newbie). I'm trying to understand a problem I was given (I'm not a statistics student). It's a multi-part problem having to do with car sales. In the first part, I ran a linear regression on car mileage/sales price data (price being the...
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    Tricky probability problem

    Hi, I was wondering if you could help me out with a problem I have: I need to work out the probability that someone will be able to complete a minimum of 10 hours of rehearsals in one week. The probability that this person is free each day is 60% on a weekday and 30% on the weekend. There are...
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    Multiple Inter-Correlated Binomial Events with only One Event Possible for Success

    Hi you’ll, I have a thought problem that might not have an easy/correct answer. It looks to be a Bayesian at first glance – and it might be – but because I am using some complicated machine-learning algorithms, and because of the nature of the problem, the water are muddy for me. I am just...