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    Having a girl the same as AT LEAST one girl? CONFUSION!!

    It’s a combinatorics project for my beginner stats class. I’ve done the project several times and keep getting it wrong. The question reads: “ Is having a girl the same event as having AT LEAST one girl?” AND then it asks me: “Is it possible to calculate these probabilities?” This project is...
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    Correlation Project

    How does this sound for a project? Cost of non-organic food products vs. cost of same organic food products. What items should be included in the project aside from where, when, how was data collected, value of r, regression equation, scatterplot?
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    Stats Help needed for a project!

    Hi Stats Fans, I need your help, as I am stuck with data I collected for a project. I am currently gathering responses about mitigation strategies against fatigue. I am questioning people about what mitigation strategies against fatigue they have experienced as helpful. It is a multiple...
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    Stats Project - Navigating and using Stata.

    I am currently attempting a statistics project, using stata, my dataset has four variables and I have the following brief. The data can be seen attached. I have posted the questions, and in brackets said how I think I may go about it. I know this is a lengthy post so sorry for that but any...
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    Help me w/ stat. project.

    I'm a collage student and my final project is to research any topic, examining a single quantitative measurement and present the results. I'd like to research several aspects in regards to bulling. Such as how much has school bulling increased/decreased. If student victims of bulling graduated...
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    Project Issue.

    I am a student of statistics discipline. I have to conduct a project which i can apply in society or nation. My preferable topics are agricultural/technological/environmental statistics. But i am not understanding how can i specialize my topic, make it applicable and can have an ample online...
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    Project Idea - Intro Statistics Class

    I'm a freshman in college now and I'm taking an intro statistics course. We have a final project for this class, and we need to decide on our own topic. Also, we must collect the data ourselves and cannot use published data(such as stock prices, etc.) Could anyone give me some interesting ideas...
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    Experiment With Fictitious Data

    After a semester full of open-note/curve graded exams and very few homework assignments, our stats professor decided that our final project would weigh heavily on our term grade...and since we only have the weekend to complete it and haven't actually learned anything in class...none of us know...
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    Using regression to find "balance" (Making a video game. :))

    Hello everyone. I'll try to be brief. The first paragraph or so may be irrelevant to answer the question, but I'm including it for context. For school, a friend and I are developing a strategy game wherein combat units are constructed out of components that offer different benefits...
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    Online Poker Fairness Evaluation Project

    Hello, I have been playing online poker for many years and have been a winning player over this time. I have been on the worst streak of my life recently and consequently have questioned the fairness of these sites. Reasearch online has led me to many forums where people are experiencing the...
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    Time series beginner help urgent!!

    Hi, just looking for some help from anyone familiar with ARIMA modelling of time series. I am trying to get a stationary series from my data, I differenced the data and the following plots are of the time series and PACF of the differenced data:
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    time series help!!!

    Hi, I've been asked to model some time series data, and decide on an ARIMA model that fits the data. The ACF function is here: Lag ACF T LBQ 1 0.586150 4.69 23.04 2 0.408311 2.51 34.39 3 0.329731 1.86 41.92 4 0.273238 1.46 47.18 5 0.202848 1.05...
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    Please help - I would appreciate any advice! (^_^)

    Hi Everyone, I'm doing a project that is evaluating the timeliness of emergency appendicectomies in a hospital. The literature states that delays beyond 24-48 hours significantly increase post-operative morbidity, complications and length of stay. I have two models to compare - one model...