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    SPSS Data Analysis

    Hello everyone! I created a survey about social media addiction. I'm going to gather data from 20 people or more the questionnaire is shown below this message. I do have a few concerns my variables are comparing males and females self-esteem boost, Narcisstic tendencies, The amount of...
  2. T

    What statistical test should I use.

    So I am writing a report on whether mean intelligence through an IQ test and mean psychopathy scores (DV) are significant in different types of crime committed by criminals (IV) and I have 9 categories of crimes, I want to compare the mean scores of the DV's in each of the crime categories.
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    Mediaton Analysis

    Hey people, I am trying to find an appropriate mediation analysis method. I want to investigate how an INTERACTION of two variables mediates the association of two different variables. I have read about mediation analysis with one or multiple mediators, but nothing about an interaction as the...
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    Between Subjects Experimental Design- How to analyse

    I have conducted an experiment with 2 conditions, 50 people in each condition. Each person completed a booklet of tasks and self-report measures (the same booklet in each condition). I have conducted a simple T-test and have found significant differences between the two conditions on the...
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    HELP - One-way ANOVAs/planned comparisons/correlation

    Hi all, I'm currently running a Psychology experiment: the effect of background music on memory and mood. I will be using SPSS to conduct two one-way ANOVAs (music + mood / music + memory), w/ planned comparisons. However, I also want to see the effect of mood on memory but I don't know how...
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    Is it possible to run ANOVA using Mean differences?

    I'm wondering whether it is possible, and how to run an ANOVA on mean differences rather than on means. I want to run a 2*3 ANOVA on multiple comparisons. I'm wondering if I should treat each mean-diff as t-test outcomes, and if the tests come out non-significant to treat them as 0, or if I...
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    Is this Experimental Design even possible? Help please!

    Hello all, First thank you in advance for any and all help given in response to this question. I've been searching this forum as well as other places online and I'm still confused about what methodology I should use in this experiment. DESIGN: Participants are given two questionnaires...
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    Transforming Negatively Skewed Independent Groups

    I have two independent groups, (roughly 30 in each) – and their performance on 3 different tasks, there are 10 scores in total for each group. The majority of them are negatively skewed so I know I have to reflect the data before I transform it – if the two groups have different maximum...
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    Mixed-effects logistic regression model for a 10-step continuum

    Hello, I am trying understand how to correctly build a mixed-effects logistic regression model in R. I believe my model is pretty simple and straight forward but I'm lacking in experience and uncertain I'm doing it correctly. Not being a statistician and struggling with stats, the specifics...
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    Interrater Reliability. Is MORE better?

    Which design is more powerful: testing interrater reliability with 2 judges or 4 judges? (citations appreciated)
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    New MPLUS Fanboy - Do we Have Mplus users here?

    Hello everyone, I was happy to find this forum. I am a MSc in Clinical Psychology and contrary to 99% of my colleagues I love research and doing empirical studies. I am currently doing a PhD in Nottingham (UK) and I have published few papers on behavioural addictions, mostly on Internet...
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    Help with non normality distribution. Transformations didn't work. Help!

    Hi, new to this forum. I'm writing up my MsC in psychology and I've got problems with my data. The study involved administering questionnaires to 157 young carers. The dependent variables I've got are: emotional symptoms, peer problems, prosocial behaviour, hyperactivity, difficulties...
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    Help with mixed between within subjects ANOVA

    I've recently performed a mixed between within subjects ANOVA. I have the results for the two main effects as well as the interaction effect. The interaction effect is significant and I am wondering what to report. Some places are telling me I can also report the main effects whilst others...
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    Confounding vs. Extraneous Variables?

    I need to know the difference between these two in a psychological research paper I am studying, in which there are two levels of independent variable. The first level is a group with reads in silence, the second group reads aloud. However, there is 48 males and only 26 females in the entire...
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    Need data analysis direction.

    I’m a grad student (clinical psychology) and research neophyte and need some direction. Once I gain statistical ground I would be more than happy to help others. Even though this is a mixed-methods study, I just need quantitative help. My focus is on perpetrators who harass the same victim...
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    please help with analysis confusion

    Hello Could you please help I am doing a study on leadership for my dissertation. I trying to find out which leadership style and the degree to which personality traits are preferred in a leader. In addition, I also want to find out which leadership style and the degree to which...
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    Power Analysis and Sample Size determination help!

    Hi all! I am new here so I hope my post is appropriate! I have searched the web and this forum and haven't been able to figure out how exactly I need to perform a power analysis for sample size determination (although I admit I didn't scroll through ALL of the results to my search on this...
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    One Factor Repeated Measures ANOVA questions

    Hi all, I have conducted a repeated measures ANOVA that has one factor with two levels. I also have a one between-subjects factor that has been taken into account. The results have come back to say that there is a significant difference between the within-subjects factor. My question...
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    Mixed ANOVA difficulty ! HELP NEEDED

    Hello... im relatively new to psychology statistics and struggling to understand some things. My experiment is a 2 (common vs distinct faces )x 2 (control vs experimental condition) mixed repeated anova design The problem is the interaction between the faces and the conditions - how do i...
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    which statistical analysis is suitable for this study?

    Hi guys, Briefly describing the study: - 1 IV with three levels (boring, neutral, & fun condition) - 3 DV's (time perception, task rating, mood) - Each subject takes part in only one of the three conditions (between subjects) What I'm confused with is whether this is a mixed design or a...