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    What statistical procedures do I need to know to be a proficient psychologist?

    Or epidemiologist? Also, Do I need to go back and study matrix algebra in detail? Thank you? What are your experiences?
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    Help with multiple regression analyses for attachment data

    Hi all, Would appreciate it if anyone could direct me with some really helpful info with regard to the subject matter. I've a dataset of ECR data and I should be getting 2 scores on the anxiety and avoidance dimensions. Question is, I don't know where to go from there. Thanks guys...
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    simulating psychology experiments, some questions :)

    Dear all, I hope you can point me in the right direction regarding two issues I am having with simulating experiments (1: regarding the legality of my assumption of different from chance, 2: regarding whether my simulation is valid at all). We conducted a study (I have attached a poster we...
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    Help needed for beginner using SPSS please!

    I am a psychology student, I have conducted an experiment. It involved 3 groups; group 1- viewed neutral stimuli group 2- viewed enhanced stimuli group 2- viewed real stimuli There were 25 participants in each group. They completed a Self Esteem Questionnaire before and after being shown...
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    Two Stats problems that are confusing me

    Prove that AND Rewrite Any help would be appreciated, please & thank you!
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    Replacing missing data with EM

    Hello everyone, For my undergraduate dissertation in Psychology I have conducted research testing the executive function (EF) skills of 40 children, gaining five EF scores. Several children did not complete all the tests, so I have some missing data (13.75% of values). I have been browsing...
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    Paired t test or repeated anova

    I have a two groups design (treatment vs control) and pre and post test. I've looked at a paired t-test to see if there was a difference, and found diferences between pre and post test in the experimental group and not in the control. However, if I do a repeated-measures ANOVA there's no...
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    test whether 2 mean scores are significantly different

    I have two groups of participants; 1 group received treatment A and the other group received treatment B. I have the mean scores of the effectiveness for both groups. Group A mean score before treatment was 35 and after treament 20 Group B mean score before treatment was 25 and after...
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    SPSS Ancova in GLM to include intercept or not

    Stats novice here. I am conducting an ANCOVA in spss for behavioral research. Research Q: Does the presence of a biological marker predict cognitive functioning after controlling for covariates (age, educ, etc). My results are lovely when i don't include the intercept in the model...
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    Please identify the statistical test I should use.

    I'm trying to predict whether personality is an indicator for crime victimisation. I have used the five factor model (FFM) to collect average scores for personalities of neuroticms, agreeablenes... etc and i have data on particpants which indicates the crimes they have been victim to... assault...
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    personality psych)self-selected sample bias = smaller variability?

    Context: online personality survey (BFI) for age 10~65 ( Measure taken: the authors tried to control for possible self-selection bias in the sample by "by examining the variability of Big Five domains and facets in...