quantitative research

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    Novice researcher query - Please suggest some statistical methods to use for my 1st quantitative research

    Hey Stat Gurus, Please help me in forming the questionnaire for my research questions, This study wants to explore the following research questions, Whether block based coding provides confidence for the 1st time programmers to pursue programming in the future? Whether the block based coding...
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    Which statistical test should be used?

    Take a quiz and refresh your knowledge in selecting the appropriate statistical test/procedure to answer a given research question. This assessment (25 MCQ+ brief demographic questionnaire) is designed for graduate students in social and behavioral sciences and developed as a component of a...
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    Pearson VS Spearman — Choosing and interpreting the test

    Hello, I need to fix the problem choosing and interpreting the correct statistical test for my data. I have data from (a) Minnesota Job Satisfaction Questionnaire short form (20 questions, answers from 1 (=very dissatisfied) to 5 (=very satisfied)) and (b) from Social Readjustment Rating...