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    Mechanical Engineering Sample Test Size

    You need to conduct an engineering 3-Point Bending. How many samples should you test? I was recently asked this in an interview but was not sure how to answer. I tried saying that it would depend on time, the readiness of the samples, and the cost of the tests but the interviewer said to...
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    Inventory management from Donald Waters pg 75 .

    I want to know how did he calculate the holding cost for EOQ model. Ques.:- Sarah Brown works for a manufacturer that makes parts for marine engines. The parts are made in batches, and every time a new batch is started it costs £1,640 for disruption and lost production and £280 in wages...
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    how to add quantity information to boxplot

    Hello I am using boxplots to show the distribution of some data. However, some comments says the boxplot can not show the concentration quantity of the data. (For example, suppose I have data of body length ranging from 150- 169 cm of a group of girl. The boxplot shows only the median...