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    How do you create an acceptance criteria range for multiple populations?

    I am trying to create a quality control acceptance criteria range for my company's product. So here is an example of my problem: A car is traveling on a straight road and through scientific studies, I am able to predict the distance where the car will travel at a fixed time. From...
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    Baseball Stats: Using Multiple Factors With Variable Ranges As Input

    Hello, I am working on creating a statistic to predict players most likely to get a hit on any given day. In this statistic, I am using five different predictive factors, which I am going to then assign relative weights to in order to improve the accuracy of the prediction statistic. For...
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    Create simple function to average column over different ranges of rows

    I've learned how to subset a group of rows I am interested in from a matrix, and average those values. The data set shows the percent of light reflected at many different wavelengths (rows). If I want to know the average amount of light reflected at ~900 nm, I use the following code to...
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    How do you give a rank to a data range

    I am looking at the ranking of universities in various rankings tables, and making an aggregation of this data. The issue comes in that in some of the rankings, below a certain rank, the data is grouped. For example, after a rank of 9, the next 5 universities are just listed with a rank of...
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    Interpreting Range and Inter-quartile Range

    how do you compare and interpret two range and two inter-quartile range. for example for the range i have (5,4) and for the inter-quartile i have (1, 2).
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    Restriction of range

    Is it possible to control for restriction of range in SPSS and if so, how?