rank-order data

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    What is the reason behind getting unbiased and efficient estimator by ranked set samp

    In ranked set sampling (RSS), we select n random sets, each of size n. Then we choose the largest unit from the 1st set, 2nd largest from the 2nd set, and thus n th largest from the n th set for the actual measurement. What is the intuition that a sample thus obtained will give an unbiased...
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    Test for ranked data among 3 different groups - ANOVA or Kruskal Wallis in SPSS?

    Hi all, I have read several books but I am not sure if my thinking is correct and would greatly appreciate if someone could help me. I conducted a survey among three independent groups (managers N=110, analysts N=105 and investors N=80) and in one question I asked them to rank, based on...
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    Scale Issue - MANOVA vs Kruskall Wallis

    Hello, In my dissertation, I asked people in the general population to complete a battery of team process measures based on an effective team (condition 1) or ineffective team (condition 2) that they had participated on. I asked each participant to describe the pattern of technology use...