regression analysis

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    Multivariate Linear Regression

    I wonder if anyone can help me. I am trying to do a multivariate linear regression, I have 3 dependent variables with 2 separate time points for each, how do I condense this into three variables so that I can look at the time points together.
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    Correcting for repeated testing with 4 mediation analyses?

    Hi guys, First time poster here, sorry if I post this at the wrong spot or something like that. For my thesis if have the following 4 hypotheses: 1. Emotion regulation (partially) mediates the relationship between cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and social anxiety severity. 2...
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    GOF Analysis/Discussion

    What actions constitute an analysis of goodness-of-fit for a regression model? What are the typical graphical displays used in this analysis of goodness-of-fit? Why do we assess the goodness-of-fit of a regression model? What can go wrong in the interpretation of the results and the...
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    Regression Analysis

    I was working through the following set and needed some clarity on them. I attempted these questions (with my answers below) but need help to see which ones might be incorrect and if so, WHY Thanks (1) Linear regression assumes: a. The relationship between X and Y is a straight line...
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    I need help with my regression analysis for research capstone.

    Hi all, I'm new to regressions and also new to posting here. My topic is: How have E-books Affected College Textbook Prices? My hypothesis is: H0: The CPI for college textbooks will fall with the introduction of the e-book because increased innovation and competition causes an...
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    Which test should I run using SPSS ?

    Question: Which (in) accuracy is the waist circumference (LEO) of a grown man be predicted based on its fat (VETP)? Which (in) accuracy of the waist circumference (LEO) of a mature man can be predicted based on the total energy consumption (EAVT)? --> Perform these analyzes for both...
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    Moderation at some levels of moderator but not in overall model

    Hello I have three continuous variables one of which I have hypothesised to be a moderator. In the overall regression model there is no significant result for the product of the IV and predicted moderator, R2 change = .00, F change (1, 118) = 0.46, p >.05. That is, there is no overall...
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    Which inferential stats test to use? PLEASE HELP

    Hello all, Someone please help. I'm conducting a study on how group gender ratios influences stereotype threat within career choices and level of gender identification, as well as how primes that blur intergroup biases can influence these DV's as well. IV1: Gender ratio (categorical) (3...
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    Normality question

    Hi everyone. I am doing a panel data project. One of the key factors is unemployment. The dependent is program enrollment. Unemployment is not normally distributed when I look at the normality plot. Does this make regression unreliable? There is a visible pattern when I look at the plot...
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    Univariate x multivariate model

    Hello everyone! I just started modelling and I have a question about how to interpret my results. I built 3 models, two univatiates (Z ~ bX + e; Y ~ bX + e) and one multivariate model ( Z, Y ~ bX + e). In both univariate models 'X' was not relates with 'Z' or 'Y', but it was in the...
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    robust regression estimators

    Hi everyone. I have studied the robust regression a few weeks ago and I want to have a lot of insight about it. After reading some sources, I know some estimators on robust regression, i.e. M-estimators, MM-estimators, LTS-estimators, LMS-estimators, and s-estimators. However, every source I...
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    Regression Analysis-Moderation or Mediated Analysis

    Please excuse my lack of understanding of Regression Analysis, but would it be more appropriate to run a moderated or mediated regression analysis for the following question: "Researchers theorized that metacognition for perception may underlie the relationship between source monitoring...
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    How to Fit polynomial regression by bootstrap and establishing IC of each parameters

    #Hi everybody and excuse me for my bad english for this request on R. #here parameter of an hypothetical interval : x=c(60,59,55,49,43,38,33,28,24,20,17,15,12,10,8,6,5) y=c(59,55,49,43,38,33,28,24,20,17,15,12,10,8,6,5,4) #I adjusted it by a polynomial regression degree 3 (not the best...
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    Data input- ordered logistic regression

    Hello, I am trying to analyze the relationship between mode familiarity and Technology & demographic characteristics. So I have an ordinal dependent variable and binary, ordinal, continuous and nominal variable as independent variables. My output variable is the familiarity of mode: very...
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    Poverty analysis and multiple linear regression

    Hi. I have a dataset and I intend to use multiple linear regression analysis with excel since the dataset isn't that massive in volume, just about 500 rows. I have continuous numerical data and I already checked the scatterplots for linearity. Here are my questions: 1. I applied the model I...
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    Coding for control variables in Stata 14 in linear regression?

    Hi - I need to control for two variables in my linear regression, the code thus far is; sort dde2 by dde2: regress sustain I have two mediator variables or control variables, gender and ses and I need to remove their effects. Any help greatly appreciated!
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    Calculating the value of Adjusted R2 using SSR and Standard Error

    TABLE 12-9 You decide to predict gasoline prices in different cities and towns in the United States for your term project. Your dependent variable is price of gasoline per gallon and your explanatory variables are per capita income, the number of firms that manufacture automobile parts in...
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    Test for comparing correlation values. The winner is?

    Hi everyone, my problem is relatively simple, but trivial. I've already read some topics about that, but I really need straightforward answers and/or opinions. I have data divided by one fixed effect (Emotion, with 2 levels: negative and neutral), and I have a covariate (reaction time) for...
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    Prediction from predicted/residual values compare to standard error of the estimate

    Hello. I have to indicate how good prediction is, by looking at the actual, predicted, and residual values, compare to the standard error of the estimate. I understand that the smaller standard error of the estimate is more accurate, and is a better prediction. But when “Residual score...
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    Forecast Analysis Inquiry

    Im trying to perform some time series analysis on 2015 and 2016 monthly recorded data to see what method is best for forecasting 2016 monthly values for the remainder of the year. The data has an annual cycle and I already have values for the first 9 months out of 2016. Using Winter's method, I...