regression analysis

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    The best formula to use in excel to forecast daily call volume?

    I have used single and double exponential smoothing, but did not know if there is a more accurate approach to predict how many calls that can be expected.
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    Regression - What to do with insignificant variables?

    Please pardon me if you find this question very silly but this doubt has been troubling me for some time now whenever I want to run a regression. I am working on SAS. I have a dataset which has 24,000 observations, and there are about 50 independent variables. There are no missing values...
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    Setting an experiment with ordered categories as predictors

    I am trying to apply a multi-factorial regression analyses on a model with 4 different predictors each of which can have four different weights as levels: 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4. I run 24 different samples applying permutations of these levels for the four predictors. predictor 1 : four...
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    adding skewness and kurtosis to CAPM - regression

    Suppose I have a set of monthly returns of a stock, monthly 'market' returns and some risk free rate for lets say 10 years. Performing an usually OLS regression to find the beta in CAPM is relative easy with the excess return of the stock as dependent variable and the excess return of the market...
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    Finding Significant Difference between Linear Regressions

    Hello. I have a scatterplot with two different sets of data plotted. Each individual set has its own linear regression formula and R-squared value. What type of test could I run on Microsoft Excel to get a p value to see if one dataset's trend is significantly different than that of the other...
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    How to use Likert Scale data in regression analysis?

    My knowledge about statistics is elementary and I would really appreciate some help or suggestions in solving my current problem. I am doing a dissertation and I will collect the data using a likert scale. My question is can I use that likert scale data to run a regression analysis to find out...
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    Regression analysis with non-integer event rates

    I am working as part of a team on a relatively large dataset which has been subject to imputation analysis. One of my colleagues has pointed out that the when carrying out regressions that can provide odds ratio/event ratios etc, we first need to have the event rates from each variable in...
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    Help Needed: Multivariate Regression Using R

    I am testing the a couple of CAPM based models for my dissertation, and I have a healthy amount of stocks to regress, 5000 according to my last calculations, they’d have to be done as 75 stocks at a time, (in a portfolio). The number makes it an unrealistic task to accomplish manually, I have...
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    Statistically compare 2 3D structures

    G’day Statistics Forum I’m having a little bit of trouble with the statistical analysis segment of my honors thesis proposal and was hoping one of you helpful folk might be able to offer some insight. I believe this sounds more complex than it actually is, so bear with me cause I am really...
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    How to Handle Blank Fields in Multiple Linear Regression

    I am building a regression with 45 samples across 20+ independent variables. I am randomly selecting subsets of the variables and running many combinations of regressions to help avoid multicollinearity. However, my main issue is concerning missing data in my samples. Each of the 45 samples is...
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    Determining the weight of variables

    I am trying to determine if one of the numbers in regression summary provide the weight of the important of each variable? Here is an example: Say a sales manager wants to determine how much of a reps time should be allocated on the variables that predict whether a sale is made. Let's...
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    Regression Analysis help

    Hi all, I've registered on this forum to get some help with Statistics. It is my stats exam tomorrow and I am stuck at a formula for doing a Regression Analysis. Can anyone help me out? I will provide you with the following screenshot of my handbook. The encircled formula is where I am...
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    ex post regression analysis

    So I have 500 different store locations 125 locations are from w brand 200 are from xbrand 100 are from y brand 75 are from z brand each store location released surveys in 2009 and in 2010 so for each year, i have how many surveys each location release, how may surveys were completed...
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    GLS regression STATA

    Hi, is there a command in Stata that allows for GLS regression without panel data? or am I missing something? Thanks
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    Price forecasting model

    I am working on a problem where I have an item 'x' which is available in local market and 'x' is produced using item 'y'.Item 'y' is traded in futures market.I have historic price data available for last 2 years of both items. I have to forecast prices of x for next year. What should be my...
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    How to show that b1 and SSE are independent?

    under normal sampling zero covariance implies independence. So I tried to solve COV(b1,SSE). COV(b1,SSE) = E[(b1-beta1)(SSE-sigma^2*(n-2))] =... =E(b1*SSE)-beta1*sigma^2*(n-2) But I don't know how to solve E(b1*SSE). Do you know how to solve this? Or did I do something wrong?:confused::(
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    SSE and b1 are independent? How can I prove that?

    at simple linear regression, are b1 and SSE independent. but how can i prove that? :confused: my text book said 'SSE is independent of each of the estimators Hat_beta_0(b0) and Hat_beta_1(b1).' should i get covariance(SSE, b1) ? how?:confused:
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    Need Help on this question about Ratio of two parameters

    I need help on this question: Suppose we have two independent samples from one population: Global Sample(Xg,Yg) and Local Sample(Xl,Yl) And we have a linear regression model derived from global sample which I call it: GR(X). We are asked to calibrate the global regression model by...
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    Ordinal Regression vs Spearmans Rank Correlation

    Hello, My name is William, I am currently at my last year at Newcastle University, UK carrying out research for my dissertation on how social media can effect levels of trust in brands. I have sent out a questionnaire and got 383 valid responses. I have developed a theory (cycle) that as...
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    Hierarchical regression in SPSS (how to enter interactions when you have a quadratic)

    Hello there! I want to confirm if I am entering my variables in the proper way in SPSS for multiple regression. I have four variables: 1) student gender (dummy); 2) student gender proportionality (continuous); 3) faculty gender (dummy); and 4) student gender proportionality SQUARED...