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    How is conditional main effect interpreted when there is interaction?

    I have a question about multiple regression. May I kindly ask how should I interpret the conditional main effect when the interaction is 0 and the coefficients have opposite signs, more specifically if one of the interaction term contains zero such as angle or time. Please see an example...
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    Interpreting regression coefficients from non parametric regression in R (Rfit)

    Hallo, I need to examine the relationship between an outcome variable (continuous) and a number of predictors. Since my data is non-normally distributed (i.e. the residuals from the multiple linear regression are not) I decided to use a rank-based regression using the Rfit function from the...
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    Variable that should appear significant is insignificant

    As part of my University research project, I have decided to study the impact of Immigration on house prices but find that the immigration Variable that should be statistically significant according to literature appears to be insignificant. I don't know whether this was down to the method I...
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    B value in regression analysis

    Hi all, Please bear with me here. I am new and I also am only learning about statistics & regression analysis. One question about the interpretations of regression coefficient in multiple regression models. I have one variable which comes statistically significant. However it is wrong way...
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    Question on Impact of Independent Variable Interpretation

    Hi, Suppose i have a normal linear regression construct, like Sales = Intercept + M1*X1 + M2*X2 + M3*X3 Suppose X1,X2,X3 are the statistically significant variables from the model. I want to create some sort of a simulator which says , for X% increase in X1, what is increase in Y...
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    How to Fit polynomial regression by bootstrap and establishing IC of each parameters

    #Hi everybody and excuse me for my bad english for this request on R. #here parameter of an hypothetical interval : x=c(60,59,55,49,43,38,33,28,24,20,17,15,12,10,8,6,5) y=c(59,55,49,43,38,33,28,24,20,17,15,12,10,8,6,5,4) #I adjusted it by a polynomial regression degree 3 (not the best...
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    Fama-Macbeth cross-sectional regression interpretation

    Hello everyone, I have applied Fama-Macbeth cross-sectional regression on Fama and French five-factor model (2014). On the left-hand side are the portfolio returns for sixteen size - B/M portfolios. On the right-hand-side are five the factors i.e. market, size, investment, and profitability...
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    Combining Standard Errors of 16 portfolios

    Hello everyone, I am working on Fama and French five factor model. I have run regression on 16 size- B/M excess portfolio returns on market premium, size premium, value premium, invesment premium and profitability premium. I have obtained coefficients of these factors, their standard errors...
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    Interpretation of coefficients, dependent variable in (%), independent variable in ln

    Hi, I have a very simple question. I have the following equation. My dependent variable is CRES which is the share of renewables in a country's energy supply. My independent variables are log transformed, besides Kyoto which is a dummy variable. CRES= β0 + β1lnGDP + β2Kyoto+...
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    Standardized Coefficients - Unit Problem?

    Dear all, I am new to this forum and already wanted to thank all for reading and/or helping. I could unfortunately not find the answer to this question anywhere, or maybe I just misread... I have a little problem after running a multiple linear regression on XLSTAT. I have a dependent...
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    Regression - I'm Stuck! Feedback PLEASE...Thanks!

    figured it out now.
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    evaluating statistical difference between model coefficients: 2 different models

    Hello, I have two logistic regression models with the same dependent and independent variables. The only difference between the 2 models is the way the data are aggregated: one model is based on census tracts, and the other on parcels. I want to determine whether there is a statistically...
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    Regression coefficient- need help!!

    Suppose that we have regressed the log of household median income on the Gini coefficient and obtained the following result. Standard errors are listed in parenthesis.: ln(median income)=11.26 − 1.43 ⋅Gini (0.36) (0.80) R2=0.061 no. obs.=51 F(1,49)=3.21 (p=0.079)...