regression help

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    Need Help with Data for Regression

    Hi, I am working on a replication of a research paper where I have to compile my own data to copy the regression done in the research paper. I have never done a regression like this before and I am not sure about the data I chose - I would appreciate any help and input. All the variables I...
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    Comparing two factors in five areas

    I recently compared two factors in five different areas testing diversity of one factor against another. (Diversity was made quantitative for comparison using the Simpsons Diversity index) I received a very strong positive correlation between one diversity against another and between areas with...
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    GLS regression STATA

    Hi, is there a command in Stata that allows for GLS regression without panel data? or am I missing something? Thanks
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    Need Help on this question about Ratio of two parameters

    I need help on this question: Suppose we have two independent samples from one population: Global Sample(Xg,Yg) and Local Sample(Xl,Yl) And we have a linear regression model derived from global sample which I call it: GR(X). We are asked to calibrate the global regression model by...
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    R Output Interpretation

    Hi all, First time poster and a novice with this stuff so please go easy! Although I would really appreciate some help. I have been given a model that looks at the relationship between two variables from 70s to 2014, it uses a deterministic time varying coefficient (DTVC) model weighted...
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    Help with choosing the right analysis and how to manage a gender-matching variable

    Hi there, Thanks for taking the time to read my question, it is very specific and based on a particular problem I've never come across before. I will start with the variables. IVs: 1. Corporal Punishment (CP; as a child) - Present or Absent. From both Mother and Father (measured...