regression plot

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    Partial effect plot: Which options do I have?

    Hi, I have a multiple regression model, and I would like to do an effect plot with confidence bands regarding one of the predictors. One solution I see is to create a fake-dataset, where all other predictors are constant. However, this produces pretty large cofindece bands, since they are...
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    Prediction Plot with CI's: What to do with covariates?

    Hi, I have a multiple regression model (especially a GLMM), with - outcome Y, - a fixed effect predictor wich is in the main focus of my interest (time variable: "YEAR") - an additional fixed effect covariate, which is only in the model to prevent bias ("LOCATION" - the sampling...
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    Plot for multiple regression

    Hi All, I have a very basic question. When I run a regression to predict Y from X, I basically draw a scatterplot in excel. I am wondering how something like that would work when I want to predict Y from X1 AND X2? I am not sure what the best way to plot this relationship. Any...