reliability ratio

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    Best approach of reliability

    Hi If im trying to measure the reliability of my test, which is aimed to measure defense mechanisms. and theres 2 types of defense mechanism, for example avoidance and emotional support, what is the best approach of reliability I should use? is my test considered unidimensional?
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    Variance of a corrected regression coefficient

    Ppl I really need help! Please, help me solve it: Consider the model Yi = b0 + b 1Xi +ei e_i~N(0,s^2_e) iid X_i_N(m_x,s^2_x) iid Z_i = X_i + u_i, u_i~ N(0,s^2_u) independent of Xi Suppose we have the following data: a. A sample M of n units where Y_i, X_i, Z_i obey the above model...