residual plot

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    Uncertainty about normality (Q-Q Plot)

    Hey everyone, I've done several linear regression. Now I would like to test if my residuals are normally distributed. That is how my Q-Q Plots look like: But I'm not sure what to make of the Q-Q Plots. Most of them are pretty much on the line, except for the beginning and ending. What do you think?
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    GLM diagnostic plots in r

    I am trying to fit a Gamma glm in R. getting very weird diagnostics even though all variables are significant. Please advise as to how i can improve this
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    validity of regression assumptions on residual plot

    I am learning regression course.For a homework given the residual plot I have to analyze it.This is how I interpreted it.I want to know if there are any wrong interpretations. 1)Since the variability at each x is not the same,there is non constant variance. 2)The residuals are not randomly...
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    how to describe the residual plots.. plz help

    Hello everyone... can you guys help me describe the residual plot.. whether it shows some sort of pattern of not and also whether it shows independence or dependence.... i've upload few images of the residual plots.. just guide me with the steps.. how to analyze and on what basis should i say...