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    Binomial GLMM residual pattern

    I am trying to complete a binomial GLMM but I don't think that the residuals look right when I compare them to the years. Is this too much of a pattern in the residuals? My model looks like this: binary response ~ carbon + I(carbon^3) + nitrogen + class + (1|Year). In my model, carbon and...
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    Time Series regresison - issues with Stationarity/Residuals

    We set up an OLS model about 6 months ago, using time series data (both the dependent and independent variables are Monthly data). The model has 2 independent continuous time series and 2 other (categorical and numeric) variables. Initially, we did not think it necessary to specifically conduct...
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    I did a test of normality in STATA on my dependent variable. The rest was significant thus violations of normality. After taking the log, there is still violation of normality. What is the next step to take?
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    partial regression/residual plot

    Dear all, We have run a multiple regression analysis in SPSS in which we examined the link between telomere length and anxiety symptoms, while adjusting for the effects of age, IQ, socioeconomic status, and BMI. We would like to present our results graphically using a scatterplot with...
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    Residual variance of OLS regression from R-Squared?

    Can residual variance of OLS regression be derived from R-Squared, and if so, how?
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    Testing the Normality of Errors in Regression?

    Hi all, I have simple conceptual question: In the simple linear regression problem, where the true relationship is, y = ax + b + e the error terms, e , are assumed to be normally distributed N(0,\sigma^2) . However, linear regression only yields estimates \alpha \approx a and \beta...
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    Sum of the squared least squared residual

    Hey guys! This is my first post on this booming forum! I came across a problem that asks "Find the Sum of the squared least squared residual" and All it gives is sigma squared hat and the population and I have searched through the book and I have no idea where to start or what formulas to...
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    Analysis of respiration

    I am trying to analyze egg respiration data. I have 7 eggs that were measured over a 10 day period. I have data from 45 minute runs, that I have taken 5 minute averages of giving me 9 data points per day per egg. I need to analyze the change in gas over the course of the run. Then I need to 1)...
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    Anova Table/Model Summary

    Hi All pls tell me how can i improve r square.Its very urgent.I want to improve it without changing altering the sample size or data. 2nd thing regression is less in anova table and residual is high how can i reduce residual and increase regression anova File is attached i have used all...
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    sample distribution of residuals

    Find the sample distribution of the residual r = y - XBhat under normal regression model assumptions.* * I think this means to assume errors are indepedent, have mean 0 and variance sigma squared, are are normally distributed. Please help! Are residuals not just realizations of the errors and...