1. R

    RSS Residual Sum Squares

    Hi im analysing my dissertation which has a OLS model. My RSS figures are very very big in some cases above 15000. I know a high RSS indicates a poorly fitted model. i have run the regression for 6 different countries using 154 observations per variable using 3 variables. My dependant...
  2. K

    Higher Certificate in Statistics RSS

    Hi, I am working in the banking industry doing data analysis to generate insights on various products. I have close to 5 years of experience now and feel I could work towards solidifying the knowledge I have and increase my expertise in solving practical problems in my area of work. Since...
  3. C

    Can RSS be decreased to 0 when dimension increases?

    Let's consider a simple example: I have two attributes X1 and X2, each has n values; response variable is Y. Using the two attributes together to fit a linear model (beta is 3-dimensional), get RSS; Using only X_i to fit a linear model (beta is 2-dimensional), get RSS_i (i=1,2) It is...