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    What statistical test to use for species abundance between wet and dry season?

    Sorry if this question is trivial, I have a collection of camera trap data of recorded species during the rainy season and the dry season. I am confused how to lay out a table to import to R, do I have species down the left (then counts of how many of that species) and columns of wet...
  2. H

    nlme arguments explained

    Hi All, I'm trying to run an nlme on some data looking at the nonlinear response (in this case 'distance', but will also use for 'weight') of individuals ('possum') over time (repeated measures, recorded weekly for 12 weeks = 'week'). There were 3 different 'treatment' groups. Other factors...
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    Reporting results of nonparametric regression

    Hi! I am wondering how you present the results of non parametric regression test. I run the nonparametric regression using R, and the package np I get p- values but no df or t statistic. For example For the normal regression tests I did with other data, I presented the sample size, degrees...