sampling error

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    Need help finding sampling error

    Greetings! I have this sampling problem where i am given the population of 1545 vehicles and their age. Without any further info apart from 95% CI I am being asked to find the sampling error and sample size. How is this possible? Thank you!
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    Extrapolation - Getting info of a population from a sample

    Hello, I'm working on a problem where I have 30% of a full dataset and I have to estimate the generalization error. To be more precise, let's say I have the information of the transactions of the clients of a bank which has 30% of the countries market. I can easily get the mean, standard...
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    How to find the probability of a sampling error made in estimating the population mean?

    Alright, I have been working on my statistics assignment since Monday and I only have two questions left, dealing with the probability of a sampling error. Unfortunately, I cannot find anything in my notes and only a brief example in my textbook that does not explain the concepts behind the...