1. L

    Can an odd ratio be as low as <0.001?

    With a 95% CI of <0.001 to >999.999? Any idea what could be wrong? (Sorry about the french output, will gladly provide more info if needed) Thanks a lot!
  2. K

    Power Calculation

    Hi, I have a power calculation question. I have an initial study that has 6 subjects (all treatment group) and a follow-up study with 60 subjects (randomized into treatment and placebo 1:1). Can I find the probability of any of the 60 subjects experiencing an Adverse event, if >=33% of the...
  3. J

    How to partition variance in SAS

    Hello everyone, I have been given a question in answering which, using SAS, I have to calculate the variance in the dependent variable that is accounted for by four independent variables "jointly", "separately, without the presence of the other independent variables" and "separately WITH the...
  4. C

    Why is there a difference in the confidence intervals calculated by SPSS compared to SAS and Epi-Info 7?

    I writing sample code for colleagues in developing countries who will use it to analyze a multi-stage, cluster-sample survey that measures the prevalence of infection with soil-transmitted intestinal worms. So far, I have used three of the software packages they might use: IBM SPSS Statistics (I...
  5. P

    Error in LINEQS

    I'm trying out the PROC CALIS LINEQS example from here using the Wheaton dataset (it works using the PATH and RAM examples), but when I use this code: proc calis nobs=932 data=Wheaton; lineqs Anomie67 = 1.0 * f_Alien67 + E1, Powerless67 = 0.833 * f_Alien67 + E2...
  6. E

    SAS glimmix overdispersion

    Let's say I have an experiment with a total of 10 petridishes each with 20 seeds. 5 of these petri dishes are variety A and 5 are variety B. I count the number of germinated seeds in each dish. There seems to be to be two main ways to model potential over dispersion: proc glimmix data=a...
  7. Cameron

    Cochran-Armitage Trend Test (2×2) in SAS

    Hi everybody, How can I perform a Cochran-Armitage Trend Test (2×2) in SAS? Especially I’m looking for a tutorial video. I will be grateful for any recommendation. Thank you for your time. Cameron,
  8. C

    using glimmix for multi-level modeling

    I have a question about how to conduct multi-level analysis in glimmix. I have administered a peer nomination survey to a group of elementary students. The students were asked to indicate if their fellow classmates matched a series of descriptions (let's just label them, X, Y, and Z)...
  9. S

    Forecasting times eries with different daily length

    Hey everybody! I’ve been tasked by my company to forecast the amount of phone calls on an hourly basis during the company’s opening hours. That all went pretty well - until I realized, that my company’s opening hours for phone calls is 9am to 3pm (6 hours total) on Mondays and 9am to...
  10. R

    Cox Regression with missing values

    Very grateful for any advice. I'm trying to perform Cox regression on a data set with multiple random missing values. SPSS is my go-to software, but the Cox regression algorithm applies LISTWISE deletion to all cases with missing values, resulting in omission of >30% of the cases. I'd rather...
  11. E

    PLS regression in SAS, what does corr1 and corr2 refers to?

    Hi all, I am attempting to interpret the results from a PLS-regression done in SAS, and after the analysis SAS produces a table containing two columns labelled as corr1 and corr2. Does anyone know what corr1 and corr2 in the output-table refers to?
  12. C

    Adjusting for covariates in correlation test

    Hi, I wonder if it is possible to adjust for covariates when we use PROC CORR (correlation test) in SAS. Thanks!
  13. F

    Help with RPSFT model implementation in SAS

    Hi! I am doing an analysis on overall survival endpoint. The patients in the placebo group will be switched to treatment group in the open-label phase on voluntary base. I plan to use Rank-preserving structural failure time method (RPSFT) model. Is anyone familiar with this method and know how...
  14. K

    How to control variables in logistic regression.

    Hello! I have a DV with two outcomes. Several IVs (categorical and continuous). I want to predict the DV using the IVs, but I also have control variables (categorical and continuous) that I need to put in the equation first. I found this code: PROC LOGISTIC < options >; BY variables ...
  15. S

    split-split plot with continuous subplot variable

    Hello I am trying to analyze data from a split-split-plot design. The sub-plot is a continuous factor and since we suspect a non-linear relationship, the quadratic form needs to be tested as well. Factors: a-main plot-5 levels b-subplot-continuous c-sub-subplot-2 levels. To test the quadratic...
  16. S

    A statistic question.

    Provider Charge(Total) Fraud %Fraud Fraud*%Fraud A §§§§§§§1000§§§§§§§600§§§§§0.6§§§§§§360 B §§§§§§§100§§§§§§§§70§§§§§§0.7§§§§§§49 C §§§§§§§10§§§§§§§§§8§§§§§§§0.8§§§§§§6.4 D §§§§§§§1§§§§§§§§§§1§§§§§§§1.0§§§§§§1 Please ignore "§" above. Which provider should be given alert? I am...
  17. A

    Proc Mixed effect interpretation

    Hello, I am analyzing an experiment in which we tested the effect of different treatments on trauma. So, for example, blood pressure (and other parameters) is followed in animals exposed to trauma and treated in different ways. I am using the Proc mixed procedure to analyze my data with...
  18. L

    Finite mixture bivariate probit model

    Hello, all, I would like to model my data using a bivariate probit model but would like to explain unobserved heterogeneity of the coefficients in the model using finite mixture. That is, I would like to explain the characteristics of the segments (sub groups) when I estimate my bivariate...
  19. R

    Issue defining ordinal variables in SAS

    Hello All, I am developing a Logistic Regression model in SAS and I have one of the independent variables as Age. I do not have exact age but I have the age buckets. Say 26 Years-30 years as bucket 1, 31 years to 35 years as bucket 2, 36 years to 40 years as bucket 3, and so on. If I include...
  20. K

    Creating Graphs from Survival Analysis Outcome

    If I run a survival analysis, how can I graph the output/outcome? I.e. if I run age group and incidence of a certain disease ('cancer'), and get a rate ratio for each age group, how can I put the RR on a graph with agregroup on the vertical and disease rate on the horizontal? I am...