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    Can I assume these are independent?

    Hello! Trying to resolve in my mind a small dilemma. I'm assessing the risk factors for blood loss in surgery. The data come from an observational study. I ran bivariate analyses on each of the risk factors and the outcome variable. Next, using proc genmod, built a model based on AIC to...
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    Logistic regression with predictor variables with both categorical & actual values

    I've got a data set with 40 variables with 30 variables each having certain observations that are coded (i.e. have values) from 1-6 describing certain situations and some values that provide real values for what each of those variables represent as well. i.e. the variables are partially...
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    Question about Hazard Ratio Interpretation

    Hi, all. I've done all the coding already for this, I just don't know how to interpret it. For an assignment, we were given this data taken from the Stanford Heart Study from 1978 or so: I used equal signs because I thought dashes might be confusing. They haven no mathematical function in the...
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    Solution for Non-normally distributed data

    hello there, I am doing some statistical analysis on medical sample data. I need to need to find variables which influences the length of stay in hospital. I was panning to do collaboration analysis and stepwise model for detecting regression model. My data is nor normally distributed...
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    'Significant' product-term interaction but no significant simple main effect contrast

    :wave: I'm conducting a conditional logistic regression to assess the association between a continuous predictor and a dichotomous outcome, adjusted for several covariates. I include product interaction terms between an exposure and a covariate in each of several models. In a few of these I...
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    Proc distance method=dgower

    Can anyone please explain what SAS is doing with the missing data when computing Gower or dGower coefficients? I have gone back through my data and computed some of the coefficients by hand (as outlined in Robert Drennan's 2009 Statistics for Archaeologists) but I am not getting the same...
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    Sas, gowers, cluster help

    I am a graduate student new to SAS. I have a data set of skeletal remains and genetic traits on their bones. I need to import the data, then use Gower to take my nominal and ordinal variables and create a biodistance score. After creating the matrix, I would like to do some cluster analysis...
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    Urgent to do Mixed model and Anova in SAS

    I did analysis of effects of 3 different treatments on some variables. 3 treatments -->20 dependent variables I repeated this Experiment 4 times. Now I have a Excel table with all of means I asked to do Mixed Model and Anova. Some places in my excel are empty because I did not get data...
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    Spatial Statistics and SAS Books

    Hi all, I am looking for a book that explains applied Spatial Statistics methodology using SAS. I am interested in Spatial, Spatiotemporal data and Kriging. Thank you.
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    SAS Loop

    Hello community I am having problems in making SAS do this statements for several times: I want the code to execute first with i = 1, then with i = 2 and so on... I know is a basic doubt, but I'd appreciate your help. Best regards proc sort data=Outlets_new; by restatementGroup; run...
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    Repeated Measures unable to Post-hoc

    I am trying to run a mixed ANOVA; 2 fixed factors (mouse strain [Strain] and drug treatment [Treatment]) and 1 repeated factor (gas challenge, performed in series [Breath]). The ANOVA end of things runs fine, but I am crippled at the post-hoc level. Any time I try to run an LSMEANS or MEANS...
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    Linear piecewise spline interpretation

    Hello, I suspected my data was non-linear so I ran PROC GAM to visualize my age variable relative to my binomial outcome. I realize adding one spline knot at age 51.5 was very appropriate. I created the linear piecewise spline using a "relative reference" coding scheme: if age<=51.5...
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    Time series regression books

    Hi, I am interested in Time series regression and I would like to find 1-2 good books that explain Time series with examples using SAS. Does anybody know and can propose good books that I can purchase? I am into agriculture/environmental science if that matters. Thanks
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    Help! Looking for appropriate analysis for 2 points data set

    Title is pretty forward... I know I could use an ANOVA in theory, since I am looking at the change of my DV caused by an IV. The only thing that makes me unsure of what is the appropriate analysis is that I actually want to see if the change in my IV affects the change in my DV. For...
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    Proc nlmixed help

    Hi, I'm using proc nlmixed to do some mixed modelling. My null model is proc nlmixed data = temp0; parms b0=-1 s2u=2; eta = b0 + u; p = exp(eta)/(1+exp(eta)); model ovpay ~ binomial(1,p); random u ~ normal(0,s2u) subject=new_laid; predict eta out=eta_0; run; And I'm...
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    2X2 design ANOVA SAS

    Hello, I am beginner with statistics and I need some help for my data analysis. In my research I am trying to find an impact of colors on websites and types of webstores on customer trust, purchasing intention, preference etc. For example websites selling insurance service will be trusted more...
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    Length of a numeric variable---already imported

    Hi, I imported an excel file into SAS 9.3. One of my variables is INCOME. Running a proc freq, my income is listed out of order, according to the first number, so for instance, here is an example of my output (attached): Do I need to re-import the excel datasheet with some kind of...
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    how to combine rows of paired data into one row

    Hi, I have data that is structured like the following: location team score away ny 100 home la 80 away chi 95 home det 85 But I would like to transform the pairs of data to be structured like this: away_team...
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    Survival analysis: how do i include a random effect and interval censoring?

    Hi, I'm trying to use some form of survival analysis (e.g. accelerated failure time or proportional hazards) to study seed germination time. My data is interval censored (also called "grouped-time") and has a random effect (also called "frailty"). How can I do this, ideally in SAS? My...
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    How to do survival analysis in SAS with interval censoring and random effects

    Hi, I am interested in using survival analysis methods on seed germination data. I have just started reading Allison's Survival analysis in SAS. Accelerated failure time analysis (using PROC LIFEREG) and Cox proportional hazards models using PROC PHREG seem promising, but I have a feeling...