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    How do I insert vertical space into a PDF document using ODS PDF?

    I'm using ODS PDF to create a simple PDF report, but I'm having trouble inserting space between the tables into the PDF file. This is the code so far: ODS PDF FILE = "test.pdf" STARTPAGE = NEVER; DATA CLINIC; INPUT ID $ 1-3 GENDER $ 4 RACE $ 5...
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    Calling R Functions from SAS, OPTION=RLANG; PROC IML

    I need to run R code in SAS (OPTION=RLANG, PROC IML) PROBLEM So far I've been running Shapley regression in R using the following code require(relaimpo) data <- read.csv("H:/…/data/shapley data.csv") reg <- lm(Q5 ~Q7_1+Q7_2+Q7_3+Q7_4+Q7_5+Q7_6+Q7_7, data=data) summary(reg) shap <-...
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    Correlation of Leading & Lagging Indicators

    Greetings. I am working on a organizational performance dashboard for my company. I have identified lagging and leading indicators in five domains of the organization that are critical to ongoing success of the firm. These indicators are essentially organizational metrics. I want to...
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    [Enterprise Miner 6.2] Support Vector Machine in SAS EM v 6.2

    According to SAS Help and other Internet sources, there is SVM node in model section present , but I can't find it. In SAS EM 7.1 there is 15th node in Model tab called SVM but in EM 6.2 it's not visible to me. Where to find SVM node in SAS Enterprise Miner 6.2?
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    [Enterprise Miner] Simulating C4.5 algorithm using Decision Tree node.

    Hi, In SAS Enterprise Miner 6.2 it's possible to approximate CHAID and CART methods using Decision Tree node, according to SAS Help, but there is nothing about C4.5 algorithm. How can I mimic C4.5 algorithm using Decision Tree node? I would be grateful for any help.
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    Discrepencies between SPSS and SAS

    Does anyone know why there are differences in results when performing Kaplan Meier survival analysis tests in SPSS and SAS. The values do not match exactly and the bigger the sample population, the wider this difference becomes. Does anyone know what the difference in algorithms might be?
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    Advice appreciated for where to find SAS programming trainee jobs

    I am looking to find good/relevent websites where I can post my CV up? I am a graduating statistics (masters) student. I have no expereince in SAS but I really enjoy programming (R & MATLAB). There are so many jobs for programming in SAS, but where can I start, when they all want you to...
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    Growth Curve But Not Repeated Measures Analysis

    I woke up this morning realizing that repeated measures was incorrect but my revelation did not go as far as to what was. Here is my experiment: I had 7 groups of 3 varieties of seedlings (experiment repeated twice). After approximently a month I would take data on one group of seedlings...
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    Gaussian Kernel regressions plot

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to make a specific plot in SAS of two variables, X and Y. I want to run a Kernel regression of two variables, X and Y, and then using those results plot the two in a two-dimensional diagram with X on the X-axis and Y on the Y-axis represented by a smooth curve. All...
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    Using PSPP to convert .SAV dataset into SAS data format

    Hello I am trying to convert an SPSS .SAV dataset into a SAS dataset using PSPP. Could someone please let me know if this is possible. We use a survey software that exports data in SPSS .SAV format. We use SAS for our analysis so have to convert the SPSS dataset into SAS. Usually this...
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    On constructing 95% confidence ellipses for bivariate data in SAS - help!!

    Hi guys! I would very much like to plot / sketch / graph a 95% confidence ellipse using base SAS for a small data set I have, of size 9. I'm unsure of how to proceed. This is the two methods I tried to use without much success: proc princomp DATA=scores OUT=scores1 COVARIANCE...
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    GARCH output basic question

    This is likely an absurdly basic question, but how are the parameter estimates in a GARCH(1,1) model interpreted...specifically the AR1, AR2, ARCH0, ARCH1, and GARCH1? Here's a copy of my output: Algorithm converged. GARCH Estimates...
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    Regression: Best Subsets

    Hi, I need help finding the the most significant, non-correlated, variables in SAS. The Current Approach: In the "Analysis" section, I am currently going line by line to find which variables are correlated. I have 187 variables, so that is 2^187 (=1.961e56) combinations I have to go...
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    multivariate logistic regression

    Hello, I need to perform multivariate logistic regression on 3 binary variables. My independent variables are also categorical (3-10 levels) plus 1 continuous variable. How can i do this on SAS? I cant' find a procedure that works. Any ideas? Thanks
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    Need code for converting sas dataset to UTF16 Encoding

    Can any one give code for converting sas dataset to UTF16 ASAP.? Thanks in advance, Kalai.
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    voiding data set merging problems when by-variable has different lengths.

    When merging 2 tables on a common by-variable you run the risk of having a different length on this (or these) by variable(s). If this is the case, SAS will casually inform you with the following warning: WARNING: Multiple lengths were specified for the BY variable mergevar by input data...
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    Help: How to write a SAS program to count births over multiple variables?

    Dear almighty statistical masters, I would be infinitely grateful for some assistance with the following problem: I use SAS (although is by no means an expert), but an institution mainly using SAS has been generous enough to grant me access to a large database I would like to analyze. One...
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    Coupled-Hazard Modeling

    Has anyone worked on estimation of two (or more) interdependent hazard processes simultaneously? For example, the first hazard model captures probability of trying a new product (or catching a disease) and the second hazard model captures probability of adopting the new product (or dying from...
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    Closing all tables

    Hey everyone, being a sloppy and unqualified SAS-user I sometimes open tables I created (VIEWTABLE) and then forget closing them before running my program again, which causes an error of course. Is there a command I could put at the beginning of my programs that closes all tables that are open...
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    repeated measures + SAS + covariance structure

    Hello, My first time posting here, and really hoping that someone can help me out! I have data from a repeated measures experiment in which the time points were not evenly spaced + some missing data from individual animals, so I am using proc mixed and attempting to find the appropriate...