seasonal components

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    Comparing habitat use across seasons - what test can I run

    Hi, I've got some data on deer habitat use across 4 seasons and 6 different habitat types. I would like to test whether habitat use differs between the seasons but I can't work out what stats test would be suitable. Is anyone able to help me out? Also - I am unsure whether to use the raw...
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    Time-Series with UKgas

    Hello, i have a problem with the seasonal component. y <- UKgas p <- 4 if(!p%%2==1) { x <- filter(y,rep(1/p,p)) } else { x <- filter(y,c(0.5,rep(1,p-1),0.5)/p) #Berechnung der geglätteten Zeitreihe } d_t <- y-x #Trendbereinigte Zeitreihe f <- matrix(d_t, 27, 4, byrow=TRUE)...