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    Evaluation of the most suitable model between LASSO and Forward stepwise selection.

    Hello, please take into account this: I'm a beginner :) I need to assess which of the two following specifications of a model is more suitable and explain it. This is what I obtained running properly on R the tools I had: FORWARD STEPWISE SELECTION: LASSO REGRESSION: This shows the...
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    How do I assess which is the most suitable model?

    Hey everyone, I am making an R project, and I have computed the models using all the methods we've studied in the lectures (particularly Lasso and Forward stepwise selection). In the conclusion, I have to assess which is the most suitable specification model. Could you help me writing...
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    Ordinal regression (logit) with selection variable?

    Hi all, want to do an ordered logit regression. I have data from different sources and need to use the source as a selection variable for the dependent variable (only for the dependent variable, not for the regressors!). I know how to do this for a linear regression. Is there a way to do this...
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    Selecting subgroup with given mean and standard dev. below given value

    I have a group of subjects with variable age and I would like to select a sub-group with given number of subjects where all selected subjects have age in the given range and the mean of the sub-group equals M, which is the middle of the range. Moreover, the standard deviation of the sub-group...
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    malthusian growth statistics

    I've got populations consisting of a mix of two strains. I have the numbers of each strain at t=0hrs and t=24hrs. I have been trying to calculate the Malthusian growth parameter for each replicate. I am using the formula ln (Nf / N0) where Nf is the final number, and N0 is the starting...
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    Probability of selecting two different colored balls

    Given an urn with x red balls, and y green balls, thoroughly mixed, what is the probability of choosing two colors in the first two picks, when the first pick is put back before the second pick?
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    [STATA - Lag length criteria]: How can I explain the results?

    Good evening everyone. I got different output from the code: forval i = 1/118 { varsoc Illiq`i', maxlag(10) } that describes AIC,BIC,... lag information criterion, but I don't know how I can interpret them. How can I choose the correct number of lags on the basis of all these output...