significance level

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    effect size and significance

    Does anyone knows about the relationship between the effect size and the significance? I was given following question and no clue how to answer it: You hear that a study (randomized, controlled trial with two groups) found a small sized effect of a drug (n = 72) against placebo (n = 72) of d =...
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    Variable that should appear significant is insignificant

    As part of my University research project, I have decided to study the impact of Immigration on house prices but find that the immigration Variable that should be statistically significant according to literature appears to be insignificant. I don't know whether this was down to the method I...
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    Overlapping confidence intervals and p values

    Hi, I've been given the mean and 95% confidence interval (CI) of two independent groups and asked if they were satistically significantly different or not? I know that if the CIs of the two groups don't overlap at all, then they can be considered as significantly different. However if the CI do...
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    p values, alpha, and errors

    I was speaking with a classmate about subject heading for this thread and it made me a bit confused. Here are my thoughts: the way I explain p value: probability of observing effect when, in reality, there is no effect. This translates to probability of data given the null (null=there is no...
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    How to change the alpha level in SPSS?

    I have to do a Mann-Whitney U test in SPSS and it has to be alpha = 0.01, one-tailed. I know the default is 0.05, but I don't know how to change it to 0.01 in SPSS (for Mann-Whitney U test). Is it even possible?
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    Asymptotic sig (2sided test) V Pairwise comparision ad. sig

    Greetings I just ran a the non-parametric KW test (as independent samples) in SPSS on my data with 5 groups which is not normally distributed and found that the overall Asymptotic sig (2sided test) was 0.025 ergo significant while in the Pairwise comparision ad. sig, no groups were...
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    Linear Regression: Significance levels/Finding equation of fitted regression lines

    I did an exam recently and I am looking for a solution to a question which no matter where I look, I can't find out how to do it. It doesn't help I'm not very good at stats hence the post here. Could someone maybe point out a Youtube video that deals with similar problems. It's specifically part...
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    Estimation of suitable significance level for high numbers of experiments

    I am a scientist and work with high numbers of experiments. For example: I have tested 1000 different parameters between 2 groups. I found 10 parameters, which are significantly different between the tested groups with a significance level of 5%. For only 1 tested parameter it would be...
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    How do you display the significance level (*) on the AMOS 23 graphic???

    I have done this in an early version of AMOS a while back but I can't figure out how to display the significance level asterisks on the actual AMOS 23 graphic for publication. More specifically, I need to know how to place the asterisks with the correlations/covariances on the model graphic...
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    Quick Question on Hypothesis Testing

    Let's say you test hypothesis at alpha=.05, does that mean that 5% of your rejections will be wrong? Is this statement true? If not, can you give an example? I know that alpha= P(type 1 error), which is the probability of rejecting given Null is true. But I still can't tell whether that...
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    statistical significance of the mean of a mean of a mean

    Considering the picture below each values X could be identified by the indeces `X_g_s_d_h` g = group g=[1:5] s = subject number (variable for each g) d = day number (variable for each s) h = hour h=[1:24] so X_1_3_4_12 means that the value X is referred to the 12th...
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    Significance of two-sample problem/test

    I am self-studying an applied statistics course (reading the curriculum, doing the recommended exercises, doing old projects etc.) and I am now trying to deal with this problem: How significant is a drop from 4039 to 3611 traffic related injuries per year? The process (of being injured due...
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    Spss .000

    Hi, I've got a report to do for my Quantitative Methods course. We were given a dataset, had to chose our own hypotheses then run tests to find significance. The problem i'm having is, the majority of my Pearson's Chi-square tests i'm running are telling me there's 0.000 significance. I'm...
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    One variable influencing the other

    Hey everyone! I'm new to statistics and would really appreciate some help. I have this one project, that I need to finish, and the objective of it is to see if one variable has any influence on the other. More precisely, I need to know if anxiety can influence the performance on tests (test...
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    Hypothesis Testing Confusion with Significance Levels

    I need help in setting both of these up. I am confused on how to do significance levels in my problems. We are currently studying Hypothesis Testing and sorts. TIA! 20)In December 2001, 38% of adults with children under the age of 18 reported that their family ate dinner together 7 nights...
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    [AMOS] Where can I find the significance level of Squared Multiple Correlations

    Using AMOS-18 graphics for Windows. Squared multiple correlations in the text output gives the R-square of the endogenous vars. Where in the text output can I see the significance level of these R-square values? Thanks
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    Multivariate Normality accepted at 5% significance level but rejected at 1% ??

    Hi, I am new to this forum. I am trying to test whether a set of variables in the data follow multivariate normal distribution. I found Mardia's test for this and below is the summary of the results : Mardia Skewness 58.29 <.0001 Mardia Kurtosis 2.43 0.0149 Henze-Zirkler T 7.52 <.0001...
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    5% vs 10% significance level

    For hypothesis testing which one is considered stricter 5% significance level or 10% significance level. I know its a very basic question but it is bothering me. Thanks